5 Rivalries I would like to see in WWE in the next year

DAN THE MANContributor IAugust 7, 2010

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1. The Miz and Sheamus.
The WWE have been toying with the idea of this rivalry for several weeks.  The Miz has made several attempts to cash in his Money in the Bank that he won a few weeks ago, but to no avail. If Sheamus retains his title at Summerslam, I have no doubt this rivalry will escalate. I think that this rivalry will be of huge benefit to both superstars. The Miz will be able to show that he his able to compete with larger superstars, and show that he can use his intelligence and skill to overcome the odds. Sheamus will show that he has the pace to keep up with smaller and quicker superstars.  I have no doubt that this rivalry will become a huge success during the year.

2. Wade Barrett and John Cena
These two wrestlers are currently embroiled in a fued, however, this is concentrating more on the Nexus and not Wade Barrett. I hope that this fued will be able to show that Wade Barrett has the ability to compete with anyone and this will strengthen a case for him to have his own rivalry with Cena. I certainly see this becoming a reality as the WWE seem to be giving Wade Barrett a huge push at the moment.

3. Christian and Edge
Back in 2001 these 2 had a very enjoyable rivalry. However, back then both these wrestlers were mid carders. Now, they are both highly valuable wrestlers and a rivalry between these 2 is something every WWE fan hopes to see. Both wrestlers are great in ring technicians and I have no doubt that this would be a great rivalry.

Randy Orton and Husky Harris
These 2 wrestlers remind me very much of each other. While they have a completely different appearance, I feel the both have very similar personalities. They are both arrogant and they both do shocking actions. I think that if these two wrestlers were to be involved in an intense rivalry during the year, it could be very successful. Apart from giving us fans entertainment, it would also help Husky Harris improve his wrestling skills.

5. Chris Jericho and The Undertaker
This fued for many fans is just a dream. However, I hope that this rivalry could main event Wrestlemania. If there is anyone in WWE who could end Undertaker's streak then it is Chris Jericho. Every fan would pay to see this match and it would benefit both us fans and the WWE.

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