Japanese Baseball Catch Video: The Most Amazing Catches Ever

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2010

Japanese Baseball Catch Video: The Most Amazing Catches Ever

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    Japanese baseball player Masato Akamatsu entered his name in the baseball annals this week by making one of the most spectacular catches ever witnessed on a diamond.

    The Hiroshima Carp center fielder scaled the wall like Spider-man, using both feet to climb the wall and reel in a no-doubt home run.

First, Akamatsu's Grab

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    You didn't think I'd leave you hanging did you? Here it is right off the top in case you didn't see it. Ten views later and I still can't believe makes this play.

Spider-Man Redux

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    Akamatsu made the highlight grab of the year in Japanese baseball, but he wasn't the first to make eyes bug out of their heads.

Who Needs a Glove?

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    A pitcher grabbing a line drive comebacker almost always makes the highlight reel. What about when it's done with even using one's hands?

    Amazingly, this guy managed to shake off a screamer right at his sternum.

The Price You Pay

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    Former Frontier League center fielder NIck Johnson was going to do anything to bring back this home run, even if it meant giving up some teeth.