NBA Free Agency: Jamaal Magloire Somehow Gets Re-Signed by Miami Heat

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NBA Free Agency: Jamaal Magloire Somehow Gets Re-Signed by Miami Heat
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On July 19, Jamaal Magloire re-signed with the Miami Heat to the unanimous shrug of every NBA fan.

Sure, Jamaal Magloire provides another body to a Miami Heat front court that can't be loaded with high-salary guys due to the enormity of the super-trio's contracts—I am not going to pretend like that isn't a huge positive. However, the signing still begs the question: how does Magloire, a player with few career accomplishments and skill keep getting re-signed?

A near seven foot center out of Canada, Jamaal Magloire seemingly ends up with a new team every offseason to the adoration of a spattering of fans who hear that he is a former all-star center and think their low-post prayers have been answered.

They fail to realize that Magloire is a career eight point and four rebound player that has only made half of his baskets from the field twice in his career and couldn’t break into the New Jersey Nets rotation as a big man on a roster that featured Jason Collins. 

On a team that finished with 14 more losses than wins, a former All-Star center not only failed to make an impact, he failed to get on the court; this again makes one reiterate the question: how does Jamaal Magloire keep getting gigs as a player in the most talented basketball league in the entire World?

The answer to this inquiry is the same reason Anderson Varejao is getting paid almost ten million dollars a year—he is VERY tall. In the NBA, it is often less about what you can do and more about how close your hands are to the basket when you reach straight in to the air. 

Marginal athletic ability and skills can be circumvented when you can can stand in the paint and pretend to be a defensive presence with your hands in the air while simultaneously impress the masses with an uncanny propensity to hack any small guard that enters the lane (often giving you the tagline of an enforcer).

It would also be fallacious to forget the topping on the mediocre cake that is an impressive ability to occasionally dunk the basketball.

Clearly the two points and three rebounds Magloire valiantly gave the Heat as their fourth big man last year in the role of the seven foot enforcer made Magloire's presence a top commodity to fill out the Heat bench.

The ten-year veteran Magloire is going to be given another chance to prove that height can carry you to a long tenure in the National Basketball Association this upcoming season. Just remember the next time you tuck your kids in to bed not to pray for a college education or athletic prowess, but for a seven-foot frame—the millions and millions of dollars are sure to follow.

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