Garcia's injury fuels Favre fire

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia suffered an injury to his right calf, which forced him to be carted off the field Thursday at the Bucs' training camp practice.
The injury only adds to the speculation that the Buccaneers may trade for Brett Favre with the Green Bay Packers despite Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden downplaying the severity of Garcia's injury.
"I don't believe it's serious," Gruden told the St. Petersburg Times. "We're going to get the information. He might not have much at all. Right now, until we evaluate it further, we really can't say much else."
It's hard to tell where the injury is at. Reporters in Florida are pointing out that Garcia couldn't put any weight on his leg. And it's possible that Gruden just doesn't want to drive up Favre's trade value by insisting the injury isn't that serious.
Garcia's injury is only the latest on the Favre situation that moves faster than most people can keep up.
Other late breaking news is that the Packers have supposedly had internal discussions regarding possibly trading Favre to NFC Central divison rivals Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears.
"Although it has appeared to be quiet on the trading front in the last week, a deal with either team is far from dead," reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "The Packers have had ongoing talks with both teams as recently as this week."
Again, it's hard to tell how much stock to put into information like this. Unsubstantiated rumors from anonymous sources might serve only to drive Favre's trade value up as much as possible.
Other news from yesterday included the Packers supposedly offering Favre up to $20 million over the course of 10 years to stay retired.
Pete Dougerty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports, "Though NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is waiting at least one more day to reinstate Brett Favre, neither that extra time nor a $20 million offer from the team to stay retired will resolve the Green Bay Packers’ impasse with their record-setting quarterback or prevent him from reporting to training camp."
This comes on the heels of Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy who traveled all the way down to Hattiesburg, Miss. to meet with both Favre and his agent James "Bus" Cook.
Cook has also suggested that Favre could arrive at the Packers' camp as early as Friday.
So that's the latest. Stay tuned for more information as it happens.
Photo credit: Brian Cassela for the St. Petersburg Times
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