The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Recap Of Last Nights Impact

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2010

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Over the last month, I have been selling TNA like a snake oil salesman. I really felt they were on the right path to recovery. Needless to say, I took a lot of criticism from fans, and even my own podcast co-host. I guess it's time for everyone to say that they told me so. Last night's Impact was beyond awful.

It was filled with Disturbing and pain full moments that I never want to relive. I hope this is just a hiccup in the road and we see better things next week.

If they stop all this ECW nonsense and handle their business, that can happen. We will have to wait until next week before anyone can make that judgement. Please join me in this week's Good, Mostly Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: The Return of Hamada

Hamada has always been one of my favorite knockouts. She offers a unique style in the ring that isn't offered by any other knockout on the roster. She was a little rusty last night, but that is to be expected after a long hiatus from the ring. I'm sure she will be in top form in no time.

The Good: MCMG vs Beer Money

Last week I knocked this match because of its repetitiveness. This week, I have to praise it, because it was the only good match last night. This time around, these four battled it out in an Ultimate X match. This happens to be one of my favorite bouts that TNA has to offer.

The MCMGs seemed right at home in this bout. It was fun watching Beer Money trying to get to the X. They seemed uncomfortable the whole time while hanging from ropes. Still, they gave a good try and got the hang of things by the end.

Next week will be the last of the five matches. It will be interesting to see what type of match we will get to see. I have no doubt that we will get a great performance from both teams. I just hope that this ends the feud and we can see some other tag teams mix it up.

The Bad: Tommy Dreamer and the Hardcore lackeys

I knew Dreamer coming open the show was a bad omen. Dreamer was never great on the mic and last night was a reminder of why he is so boring. Things would only get worse after Raven was called out. Raven came out and explained that Dreamer stole his girl (are you freaking kidding me!?).


I know they had no build up for this match whatsoever, but throwing in this lame curve ball was mind numbing. It really made me scratch my head in wonder after seeing this crap. I cant wait for this ECW thing to end. It was a bad idea all along and this just made it worse.

The Bad: Lacey Von Erich and the Knockouts Tag Title Change

Lacey Von Erich is the worst wrestler I have seen in my life. That is saying a lot, considering I have seen probably over a thousand matches in my lifetime. She is an absolute disgrace to the Von Erich name.

Watching her trying to wrestle is worse than watching paint dry. I counted at least two or three blown spots in that one match.

They should just stick a mic in her hand and make her a pretty face. That is all she is good for at this point in time. It also bewildered me on why they would have Velvet and Lacey drop the titles to a team just formed. No offense to Hamada and Wilde, they are both good workers, but it would be for the best.'

This swap completely came out of left field. They had no contenders match for the belts nor any build up for the match. It was like they said "we're bored, so let's take the belts away from the Beautiful people."

The Bad: Rob Terry

When it comes to Rob Terry, he is nothing more than a walking sack of meat and bones. He has no charisma in and out of the ring. Even the extremely talented AJ styles had troubles making this big oaf look good. I'm just glad that he is out of the title picture right now. Maybe he can get a job bouncing at a club somewhere

The Ugly: Jay Lethal vs. Flair

Whenever they put Ric Flair in the ring, I get a headache. He is light years past his prime and has no business wrestling anymore.

Jay Lethal was fine in this match. He sold Flair's weak offense like a million bucks. Lethal is a talented guy who should be in the mix for a title. Putting him in the ring and having him lose to Flair was a disgrace.

This match would only get worse when, halfway through, Lethal stripped Flair to his underwear. I felt bad for the viewing audience, as they had to see Flair's ass. The ref had to go to Flair and pull them up. If I didn't know better, I would think Flair wanted to be naked.

Then, out of no where, Doug Williams came and clocked Lethal with the title. This would gave Flair the edge he needed to win. Why would Williams come out to help Flair? They have never shown these two speaking a word as far as I know. Either way, this match was a piece of garbage from start to finish.

The Ugly: the Old People Duke It Out

Just when I thought TNA was done pushing old, out of shape wrestlers, I get slapped in the face with a wake up call. This is Hulk Hogan we are talking about, after all. Hogan starts to cut a promo but is interrupted by Keven Nash. Nash wants to know what the deal is with Hogan these days.

Hogan tells Nash that his days of pulling stings for favors are over. It's as if the TNA writers knew what the fans would be thinking. Because Nash then calls Hogan out for the same thing. Easy E would then get involved by saying Nash's whole career was based on pulling strings.

This would lead into a battle of the geriatrics with Nash, the Oldster, Red faced Sting, and double J.

Watching this fight take place was extremely painful. I am just waiting to see Hogan turn the wrong way and have his back go out on him. This nonsense has to end if TNA wants to be taken seriously.

I could go on, but I am getting a migraine just writing this review. TNA needs to have a big time show next week, in order to make us forget this abomination of a show.

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