The 10 Future WWE World Champions

Jackoby CalibanContributor IAugust 6, 2010

The 10 Future WWE World Champions

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    This is who I think will be WWE or World heavyweight champion in the next few years

    None of these have already been WWE or WH champion before

10. Dolph Ziggler

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    Many of you may feel that he should be higher on this list but i disagree, he's great in the ring, has an original move set and has decent to good mic skills but he hasn't won a title yet in the few years he's been in the 'E, also nobody higher up with a lot of power over who gets pushed seems to be high on him.


    Despite that I still believe that soon (Summerslam) he will take the intercontinental title of Kofi (as that would leave Kofi ready to push through the glass ceiling) and then we will start to see weather he is ready for a push and with Vickie Guerrero alongside I can see him holding on to the intercontinental title for a long time. I can see him becoming a MITB winner and cashing it in to win his first heavyweight championship.


    Time before he wins his first world/WWE title: 2-3 years though becoming a multi time intercontinental champion in this time.

9. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston. The man who felt the wrath of Randy Ortonand his backstage politics. Last year he was on a red hot push until he didn't let Orton do his buildup to the RKO and subsequently got pushed back down to the mid card. It could have been worse for Kofi but since then has had a decent run with the intercontinental championship and is slowly getting built back up.


    I feel that with him being on Smackdown he has a good chance of getting the big one before the years end. I think that he will lose his intercontinental title to Dolph Ziggler and then move on to feud with a top heel (either Swagger or Punk would be my choice) before getting a shot a the title after the whole Undertaker situation is cleared up.


    Time before he wins his first world/WWE title: 5-6 months the next time a heel becomes champion Kofi will be the next one in line.

8. Justin Gabriel

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    Now obviously this would have to be after the Nexus angle has finished and i'm expecting him to turn face and feud with someone else from Nexus (maybe Otunga) and come out the victor. Then he'll move on to compete for the secondary title which he'll win and have a decent 3-4 month reign to get over with the fans. Then move on to the WWE title.


    I see Gabriel as one of the top future stars if he can get a bit better on the mic then he has everything you need to be a top face in the WWE, a good moveset, a flashy finisher to get the crowd excited and he can wrestle. Also it is apparent that Vinnie Mac is high on smaller athletic guys and Gabriel fits that perfectly. Also with WWE wanting to get more viewers in other countries then having the first ever South African WWE champion would definitely draw more viewers from that part of the world.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 2-2.5 years when he is over enough with crowd and has had a good reign with the secondary title.


    For people who are unsure of what he can do inn the ring check out this video of his indie work

7. Ted DiBiase Jr

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    This one is obvious, he has the look, the wrestling ability and the fact that he's a second generation wrestler means that he is destined to become a world champion. I expect his push to come soon with Cena supposedly behind a push for DiBiase and with his own stable around the corner only good things are ahead for the son of the Million Dollar Man.


    I expect his push to come when he gets his Fortunate Sons stable, he will go for the WWE title and whoever is chosen to be in the stable with Teds brother Brett will make that happen. Hmm thats sounds familiar, cough Legacy cough.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 1-1.5 years when he gets his own stable to do his dirty work for him.

6. 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes

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    The member of Legacy who was supposed to have been forgotten about when Ted was to turn face to take out Orton, whatever happened to that. Currently Rhodes is outweighing his former tag team partner in nearly every department. He has better mic skills, is better in the ring and doesn't have the same gimmick as his dad, the only Ted has over Cody is Maryse.


    Expect big things from the son of the American Dream as he will be world champion sooner rather than later, I don't see a secondary title reign before he gets a shot at World Heavyweight title. I think that he needs a long feud with a veteran face to solidify himself as one of the top heels on Smackdown before he gets the his first world title reign.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 1-2 years when he has had a feud that is worth talking about and that lasts more than a couple of months.

5. Wade Barrett

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    The future is bright for the leader of Nexus. WWE gave him the ball of being the leader of The Nexus and he has taken it. He has a championship match at a PPV waiting for him as his prize for winning NXT season 1 and I believe that he will win the title and still be part of the Nexus and it wont be until the Nexus falls apart that he will lose it . A lengthy title reign will make him the top heel and i'm sure he'll be the top heel for many years after.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 2-3 months with the help of the Nexus there is no doubt that he will win the big one.

4. Kaval

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    The World Warrior has had a big effect on NXT, being a face despite having LayCool as his 'mentors' is not easily accomplished. Many know him Low Ki or Senshi from his time in TNA. I feel that his world title reign will not be far away, he will win NXT season 2 and go on to win the World Heavyweight title.


    He has all that you need to be a success in the 'E and with Vince being high on smaller talent then now is as good a time as any for Kaval to become a world champion in WWE. Expect him to cash in his NXT win on the next PPV after the season ends and win the World Heavyweight championship.


    time before he wins World/WWE title: 2-3 months with a NXT win under his belt the 'E would be stupid to not have him win the World title.

3. Evan Bourne

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    He has the backing of Cena and Vince himself, he is a crowd favorite without even saying anything and he has one of the best finishers in the company. Evan has already started his push and despite being being left out of Cena's original Summerslam team he will be a replacement for Edge or Chis Jericho.


    I believe that it wont be until next year that he will win the WWE's biggest prize but he could be the one to take the title off of Barrett after the Nexus disbands, this is because he needs to improve a lot on his mic skills, as to be a main event player you need mic skills, just look at Shelton Benjamin.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 1-1.5 years when he has more charisma than Jim Duggens 2 by 4.

2. John Morrison

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    The IWC favorite JoMo has not seen any sign of a push since his WHC match on Smackdown last year, but this is for one reason. His face mic skills. As a face he doesn't quite seem right he seems like he doesn't know what to say, but there is a simple solution and many of you know it and that is for him to turn heel. His heel mic skills were very good and his character worked as a heel.


    I believe that a world title reign is not far away as long as he turns heel, i think a feud with R-Truth to start with to turn him heel them for him to go after the WWE title once a face holds it. He has the moves in the ring, he just needs the flashy, cocky, i'm better than you gimmick to go along with it.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 1-1.5 years when he turns heel and proves that he does have mic skills.

1. The Miz

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    Was there any doubt about who was going to be number one. the 'Awesome one' has made amazing steps over the past year from being close to joining the future endeavored club to becoming one of the breakout stars and being considered by some as the future of the WWE. Sure his in ring ability is not the best but it is better than around half of the RAW locker room. The obvious impressiveness that is his promo cutting ability is almost unrivaled in the mid card.


    He was the first person to hold both tag team titles and the US title at the same time and if that doesn't tell you that Vince thinks the Miz is the future of the company then maybe when he cashes in his MITB briefcase you'll believe me when I say it. Even if he doesn't cash in the briefcase successfully then he will still be pushed into the main event picture. I expect he will cash in on whoever wins in the Sheamus-Orton match at Summerslam and take home the gold.


    time before he wins the World/WWE title: 2 weeks at Summerslam when he cashes in the MITB briefcase.

Honorable mentions

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    Bryan Danielson - Would have been in this list had he not been unnecessarily fired for choking Justin Roberts, he will be back and he will win the world title.


    Drew McIntyre - The scotsman will win the gold later this year though his push has dampened somewhat because of WWE management going sour on him.


    William Regal, Christian & Matt Hardy - Love to see these guys win it but in the current circumstances they wont win the gold.


    Chris Masters - Deserves a shot in my opinion but unless he does a Jack Swagger and goes from jobbing to main event within a week then I don't see it happening anytime soon.


    Zack Ryder, Vladimir Kozlov & the Hart Dynasty - Need to get over with crowd more before they even see a glimpse of a push, Zack needs better in ring skills and a better gimmick, Kozlov needs better mic skills and to be a monster heel and the Hart Dynasty need better mic skills and we need to see them in some singles action every once in a while.


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