Goldust: WWE's Most Misused Talent?

Ian Malone@ianthomasmaloneCorrespondent IIIAugust 6, 2010

I always see a bunch of articles on Bleacher Report that show which midcard veteran deserves a push by the WWE. While the debate about guys like Matt Hardy, Christian, and MVP will most certainly continue, there's one name that never really pops up on people's lists.  


That's right, Dustin Rhodes, the older brother of "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. Goldust is no spring chicken, as he made his WWF debut a year after The Undertaker. 

Goldust is currently in his fifth tour of duty in the WWE. His stops along the way have included the NWA, WCW, TNA, as well as plenty of indy circuits. However none of his tenures have lasted more than four years, the majority have only been two. 

Goldust is being used as enhancement talent right now, basically a jobber who's wins this year are roughly around the same number as Hornswoggle's. He's technically part of the Raw roster, though he appears on WWE Superstars more than anywhere else, which doesn't have its own roster.

Despite this, Goldust is in much better shape than he has been in the past, even though he's getting up there in the years. 

So why would Goldust deserve a push?

The answer is quite simple. Despite his status as a jobber, Goldust draws one of the biggest pops of the night in any show that he appears in. The little kids go crazy when the bizarre superstar makes his entrance. He's over without relying on toilet humor or mocking the appearance of other wrestlers. 

It's not like he's a bad wrestler either. Superstars isn't viewed by many people, but Goldust put on a fantastic match with Chris Jericho in the main even a few months ago. He was so good that Jericho made note of it on his twitter page. 

Sheamus' first real feud on WWE TV was with Goldust. After pinning Goldy in their first match, Sheamus proclaimed, "I came to ECW in search of gold, but all they gave me was dust."

This prompted an attack by Goldust, who was acting much more like a real wrestler than the stuttering freak we're used to. 

Goldust also has the honor of being among the few to actually pin Sheamus in a match. The two had a rematch last Monday, which was mainly a squash, but showcased that Goldust isn't just a comedy wrestler. 

Goldust could've thrived more on ECW, but arrived on the brand when it was on its last leg. We were still treated to a bunch of quality matches by Rhodes, who restored his credibility in my eyes at least, save for his stupid interview with Abraham Washington. 

We're in the PG-rated era of WWE. The WWE wants to cater the the young kids, and Goldust should be their man. He's had some issues with management in the past, and he's 41 years old, but he's still good in the ring. He's the perfect mix of entertainment and wrestling. 

Should they give him the WWE championship? No. But at least get him off Superstars. The man deserves better.