Former WWE Diva Headed To TNA???

Double A .Correspondent IIAugust 6, 2010

That's right folks, I am talking about none other than Mickie James.  When asked about the possibility of returning to TNA, the former diva had this to say in an interview on "Between The Ropes" radio show, "Well certainly I've entertained the thought and it's one of those things ... there has to be this beautiful marriage between the two. Obviously my music right now is in the forefront, and if there's a way to be able to do it and still ... you know, because TNA's schedule is certainly less demanding"

While James no doubt still has love for all her wrestling fans and is still making ring appearances now and then, her focus seems to be on her music career for the time being.  However, I definitely do not think this is the last wrestling has heard from her as she seems to have a genuine love for the business.  

Sadly for WWE Diva fans, Mickie was the last of a dying breed of dynamic in-ring diva talent and another prime example of WWE making a foolish decision.  

It is no secret that the Diva Division of WWE is lackluster at best these days.  Sure the girls are sexy, in shape, and glamorous.  But we are not talking about a Victoria's Secret Fashion show here, it's women's wrestling.  Unfortunately we seem to be missing the key ingredient, which is wrestling! 

When the diva's division was at it's prime, which to me was when Lita, Molly Holly, Trish, Torrie, Stacey etc were in their prime, watching them was inspiring.  I wanted to to kick butt, take names, and learn how to do a Lita-canrana in the worst way.  Not only were these women gorgeous but their talent far exceeded their beauty.  

They proved you could be lethal and sexy, which I could identify with as I had always been the son my father never had, but around this time, while my passion for wrestling, football, guns, and homeade ninja stars was still there I was starting to gain appreciation for make-up, boys, and other teenage girl entertainment. 

It meant a lot to me to have these women doing such amazing things in the ring while keeping their femininity.  I definitely looked up to them.

These days, when I watch the diva's, the only thing that really impresses me is their nice abs and ability to not frizz their hair in the ring.  The only thing I am inspired to do is put down my beer and maybe do a few more sit-ups.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I still love and support the divas.  I watch the 2-minute matches and antics of LayCool.  I just want more for them and from them.  Some of these girls just need a push and some need a little more tweaking of their wrestling skill but either way, WWE seriously needs to back these girls up.  They need better story lines, better training, and more time to connect with the fans.  Perhaps Dave Finlay can go back to training the divas??

I am not sure what the answer is, I just know that the current formula of pretty girl, small outfit, and 2-minutes just isn't doing it for me.  With Melina's return, and Beth Pheonix hopefully returning, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon but I definitely think the divas are hurting without Mickie's energy, experience, and in-ring talent and while I wouldn't mind seeing her return to TNA, it doesn't seem too likely.