Top 5 WWE Superstars Who Have/Had The Most Potential To Main Event

Atobe KeigoContributor IIAugust 6, 2010

Top 5 WWE Superstars Who Have/Had The Most Potential To Main Event

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    World Wrestling Entertainment, the superstars there are some of the most athletic people in the world. But there are only few superstars that stand out among the rest.

    The superstars that completely "reek of awesomeness", the superstars on this list will be Superstars that haven't had there "it" moment yet. Superstars that you just look at and know that they can headline PPV's and that they can bring ratings and are capable of being World Champion.

    I will keep this into short so here is number 5......

Number 5: Wade Barrett

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    I'm sure many are not surprised by this choice. Wade Barrett is the current leader of Nexus, he has started to bring back interest into Raw.

    He is also a pretty good wrestler and is golden on the mic, he made a promo about wind sound great and with him being a pretty big man (we all know Vince loves big men) he is guaranteed to be a future WWE Champion.

    Wade Barrett goes down as Number 5.   

Number 4: the Miz

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    Mr. Money in The Bank the Miz, love him or hate him you will have to admit that he is going places in the WWE. he has been dubbed as the "Future of Raw" and is on the track to making history.

    His mic skills are good and his in-ring skills are getting better. He is already a two time tag champ and a two time and current US champ. he is on the way to make history by becoming the first man to hold the US Title and WWE Title. I may not like the Miz but I have to say that he does have potential to Main Event.

    Mike "The Miz" Mizanin goes down as number 4. 

Number 3: John Morrison

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    many might question why I put John Morrison over his former partner The Miz. This is about who has the most potential and between those two John Morrison crushes The Miz. He should have already been World Champion but by calling Cena 'boring" he lost that shot.

    He has great in-ring skills and improving mic skills. All he needs is another heel turn and we can see his potential to the MAX, do this and "The Shaman of Sexy" will headline PPV's and get his moment.

    John Morrison is number 3.

Number 2: Shelton Benjamin

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    This shouldn't come to as a surprise to anyone, "The Gold Standard" had it all mic skills and amazing in-ring skills. WWE made one of the biggest mistakes by letting him go and they desperately need him back.

    If your talking about potential then you have to talk about Shelton Benjamin. He was a great intercontinental champ, a great tag champ, and a great US champ.

    If Shelton Benjamin is number 2..... then who is number 1.... 

Number 1: Christian

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    the Man who should have already been World Champion Christian. He is just as good  as Edge if not better.

    He has been in almost every type of match that the WWE has to offer. He is a pioneer of the TLC match he has held every title except the world title and hopefully his day will come to shine atop the WWE.

    "Captian Charisma" goes down as number 1.

    What do you think about the slide, and what are your top 5 picks to main event the WWE?