Top Ten of WWE's Worst...Yet Good Tag Teams

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

We all have that one guy in our minds. The wrestler that we dont really care if they win or lose, we just love to watch them. Some may be singles wrestlers, tag teams, or even factions.

Today I am focusing on tag teams that just make us want to watch.

While we may laugh more than we concentrate on the match, still we watch. I have put my 10 tag teams that I really didn't care if they won, but somehow they did.


10. The Hurricane and Rosey

Everybody loves a superhero, right? I personally thought these guys were so hilarious because they always popped up when someone was being interviewed or a cut scene was on.

The two won the tag team championship only one time, but they did manage to keep them for over five months.


9. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier (La Resistance)

I never really liked Dupree and Grenier because they were weird as hell. With the weird accents to the dirty tactics in the ring. I guess being weird can help you win.

Together they held the tag team title one time, with Grenier winning it three more times with Rob Conway.


8. Tajiri and William Regal

A Japanese guy and a Englishman. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. Joking aside the two did tear it up against Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier.

With Regal's original partner, Eugene, hurting his leg and unable to be Regal's partner, he went out and found Tajiri then went on to win their first and only tag team title in the same night.


7. Spirit Squad

The Spirit Squad was just straight up fruity. Male cheerleaders? Not cool.

What makes these guys really make your jaw drop was who they beat to get the tag team titles. Big Show and Kane. Of course they didn't win it by talent. Still, they got the Title so it counts. They were also funny to watch with their cheers.


6. Charlie Haas and Rico

Haas and Rico. I remember watching the first time they teamed up. Haas used to be a part of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Rico...well Rico had those weird sideburns.

Shelton Benjamin had been drafted to Raw and Haas found a partner in Rico. Their Title shot was against Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. This was without a doubt the most flaming match ever.

Rikishi was about to give Haas the stinkface when Rico moved Haas out of the way and took his place and acted as if he wanted the stinkface and Rikishi gave it to him. Funniest match ever. They only had the titles once but still they were funny and good.


5. Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather

The Right To Censor. These guys ruined it for everybody. The only reason I watched them was the hope that Goodfather would cross out an o in his name and go back to his old badass ways.

It never happened, but still funny to watch them with Steven Richards. I dont think they would have won their only title win without the help of Edge and Christian. Still they got it.


4. Spike Dudley and Tazz

A weird tag team with people from opposite sides from the spectrum. Spike Dudley was a scrawny little guy while Tazz was a big powerhouse.

I guess opposite sides attract as they did very well against Spike's half brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Along with some help from Stacy Keibler. Still one time tag team title champs were fun to watch cause the unusual differences.


3. The Un-Americans

Now these guys I loved. Im a huge Christian fan and this was the best thing thing I loved to watch. Christian, Lance Storm, and William Regal had a good string of success together. Christian and Lance won the titles one time. Storm and Regal won them twice. After an injury to Regal  Lance Storm won them one more time with Chief Morley.


2. MVP and Matt Hardy

 Challenge after challenge. These guys went through just about every sport trying to see who was better.

Hardy won all of them in reality but MVP usually did something to make sure that he won, chanting " it's because I am better than you." I never really saw them wrestle together as a team but the challenges were fun to watch.


1. Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo

Only one word could describe these two. I am not gonna say it because it might make some people mad. Haha but we all know what it was. With their Flamboyant style and even more stylist Rico.

The two-time Tag Team Champs did actually pretty good together. I loved watching these two and their fruity ways. I thought it was going to last forever until the marriage proposal.  All funny things must end, though.