The Tragedy That will be the End of the Brett Favre Saga

Jason SiesserCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The tragedy that will be the end of Brett Farve's career is looming as he seeks a trade. 

He should pick up the phone and call John Elway and Emmit Smith and speak with them about their retirements.  He should ask Elway if he regrets not asking for a trade to Kansas City for another Super Bowl run with the team where old QBs go to realize they should retire.  He should ask Smith if he would rather have ended his career in Dallas or did the beating he took with the Cardinals satisfy him that his time was up?

I think that if he did this, he would realize that if he can't come back to Green Bay, he should just hang up his cleats.  I would love to see him in Green Bay again.  I think he could still be effective there.  Sure, I feel sorry for Aaron Rogers, but come on man it is Brett Favre!  However, the Packers stance is understandable and even easily defensible.  This is why many in the media are poking fun at Favre. 

It is easy for me, sitting at my computer, to say that he should retire, but I wouldn't say it, since I am a fan, if I didn't believe I was right.  If Farve comes back what will he do?  If he ends up with the Jets, Vikings, Bears, or anywhere that doesn't end its season in Tampa Bay, on February first, then what will be the point of coming back?  Sure, he will add to his record book, but at the cost of his legacy as a Packer great.

This will do nothing more for his career except to send it out with a whimper.

I was not one of the people who had a problem with him coming back.  I think he should be allowed back with the Packers.  I just feel that it is sad that he cannot come back there and, to be honest, if he isn't able to come back to Green Bay then what is the point?

Favre may make his point felt on September eighth, if we are all lucky.  This, in my opinion, would make the Favre vs the Packers saga worthy of watching as the season begins.  I would love to see him come into Green Bay and layeth the smack down on his old team.  I would certainly make the time to watch that game.

I guess we wannabe writers and sports fans will just have to see how the Packers and Favre play out their drama.