Walshy Involved: Major Line – Up Changes Among the Pro’s in MLG

Craig FrancisCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

After three Pro Circuit event stops for MLG, top caliber teams made major changes to their line – ups. In 4 days, 6 players in the top 16 pro bracket were moved. And all 5 teams that were involved were the top 5 teams.  Several weeks earlier, before the Orlando event, Gandhi was released from team Carbon. Gandhi was apart of this team since 2004, and was able to help the team win the 2006 MLG Championship title. Cpt Anarchy, was later announced that same week, to take Gandhi’s spot on team Carbon. Cpt Anarchy is a young kid who has been involved with multiple teams before. Gandhi would form his own team with other top ranked players the following week of his release.


Team Carbon’s player movement was only the start of what was to happen next. On July 25, legendary team Final Boss had released Walshy. Walshy has played with this same team since the start of MLG in 2002. The Ogre twins had released Walshy from the team, after a string of bad finishes in the last two events. Walshy was starting to look like the weak link in that team at San Diego. He was struggling to stay positive in the scoring, and to land the hits. Ogre 2 apparently said enough was enough. They finally released him after 3 events in the 2008 season.


Then in great shock to the gaming community, that same day Neighbor filed for free agency from top seeded team Str8 Rippen. But it wasn’t over after that; Neighbor would then be officially announced to take Walshy’s place on Final Boss. KGB Soviet, formally from Chilled Reality, filed for free agency as well. These movements grabbed the public’s attention, and made people scratch their heads. The forums all over the web relating to gaming and MLG were buzzing of this movement, and what may happen next as well as the rumors of newly fresh young star, with boat loads of fans behind him, Snipedown.


The rumors were true of Snipedown. Snipedown filed for free agency on July 28 from seconded seeded team, Triggers Down. He was later added to Stra8 Rippen’s line – up where he would take Neighbor’s spot. Triggers Down had just recently won the last event at Orlando over Stra8 Rippen, in dominating fashion. Triggers Down did not loose a single match game as they played their way through the brackets to the finals against number one seeded team Stra8 Rippen.


SK, captain of Triggers Down, gave a statement on the MLGpro.com forums.

“So with all the crazy team changes that have happened, let me explain to you the full situation with our team. When Final Boss asked Snipedown to team he turned them down. Considering Elamite and Neighbor were offered the spot, he probably knew that it was his best bet to stick with the team, so he did. When Neighbor left Str8 for the first time, he was offered a spot on FINAL BOSS. Most of you think he turned it down right away, but in actuality he did not, he considered doing it because of the Dr. Pepper sponsor and because they get hotel suites at tournaments. So when Neighbor was thinking about going back to str8, I told Snipedown that they would probably pick up Neighbor again. Snipedown then told me that he wanted to stick with our team. When neighbor realized he wanted to go back to Final Boss, Snipedown was again offered a spot on Str8. Again Snipedown was being shady about the whole situation, sending me texts saying he joined Str8 and not really telling us what he wanted to do. On top of this when Mason first rejoined Str8 I asked Snipedown if he was going to team with Str8 the first time they asked him, he replied "yes" and laughed it off. When I heard mason was going to join Final Boss again I knew Snipedown would leave for Str8. So this is when I asked if Elamite wanted to join our team. He told us he would consider doing this but it would be hard for him because he would lose the DP [Dr. Pepper] sponsor. Our team made this decision because to me, if you just won your first tournament as a team (in a pretty dominant fashion), and you want to leave something with great chemistry mainly because of the Dr. Pepper sponsorship, I find it pretty dumb. I understand Snipedown is a new player in the league, but to win a MLG is a feat that very few people have experienced. So to me it was devastating that he was even considering about leaving our team. Also FYI Snipedown texted ogre 2 telling him that if they offered him 15k he would have joined in a heart beat. So honestly right now were stuck in a tight situation with all of this, but we have decided to team with my good friend Mackeo and hopefully with hard work will be able to get back to where we once were.”


In all this fiasco, Mackeo would file free agency on July 29, from team Instinct. Then he would be added to Triggers Down line – up. Mackeo would now team up with old teammate SK.  With a spot open on team Instinct, Walshy took that spot officially on July 31. In addition, Victory X was released from Instinct shortly after Walshy’s entrance. Team Instinct would then acquire free agent KGB Soviet to take the final spot on the team. Victory X would then take Naded’s spot on team Classic. Naded is now the only player who is still a free agent, who released from his former team, team Classic.


In all this mess, the transactions that occurred hopefully will make for an interesting tournament. MLG will be making their next stop on August 22 – 24 in Toronto, Canada. Hopefully, this is the last of transactions amongst the top teams in MLG.