"Peddie" & "Fletch"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJuly 31, 2008

Although I have been a "Leaf Fan" and in the game of hockey for many years,I find it so very mind boggling,when it comes to running the team from "Upstairs".

I read an article with "Peddie" reminding "Fletch",.he was quite happy with all the moves,trades,drafts, etc,..but you will be replaced in 2009 for a younger and permanent G/M,..WHAT!,.you are happy!,.furthermore,.I may say the new G/M may not see it the way we do.

I have always thought most of "The Leafs" problems come from "Upstairs" and have for many years and that thought or opinion has never changed,..are you listening Harold?

Getting back to "Peddie",..would you not think, that if a person was happy with your work regardless of age,..you would be retained for the remainder of the season,..but no,"The Brain",.thinks it is more sensible dumping the load mid-season,.poor "Punch".

Are there any hockey fans out there that think "Sundin" will be back because of "Peddie,.I think not,.if "Mat" returns,.it will be because of the players and people that "Fletch" has put in place.

Getting rid of "The G/M" mid-season,.may just be enough to convince "Sundin",things have not changed "Upstairs".

Let us all remember and not forget,.."The Silver Fox" made a block buster deal one time,.and it would bring a certain #93 to "The Leafs",..that same # 93 will be hanging from the rafters soon,thanks "Fletch" for those great moves.

I would also like to add before I leave you,.it is very sad to think,. one of the three>, Doug,Darryl and Wendle,.and the knowledge they have of our game,.are not behind the bench.

Those three former "Captain's" have their numbers on the rafters,.but some how are not capable of standing behind the bench and giving the young guys some leadership,.would you not think,.."Upstairs" may be a problem.