Top Eleven Greatest Current Footballers

Brandon McCallumCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

Many people have their own opinions about the best footballers lately I think that the following are the top eleven that are currently playing.


11. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian plays for Bayern Munich and Germany. Bastian has a terribly accurate shot and he is an up-and-coming star for FIFA. His performance in Euro 2008 was one of his best yet and I think he will keep getting better as his career continues.


10. Carlos Tevez

Tevez made a blockbuster transfer before the 2007-2008 season from West Ham United to Manchester United. Manchester, obviously being the better club, worked out well for Tevez as he scored 19 goals in 48 games with Manchester.

9. David Villa

Villa earned the Golden Boot in Euro 2008 and helped Spain win their first championship in many years. He is a very smart player and he combines that with his speed to make him a complete package.

Villa also plays for Valencia in the Spanish League. Villa has had rumors of a trade out of Valencia this offseason but it looks like he will be staying where he is.


8. Didier Drogba

Drogba is a striker for Chelsea and also plays on the Ivory Coast international football team who made it to the 2006 FIFA World Cup and will also be a team featured in Beijing for the Olympics. He was the African Footballer of the Year in 2006 and he helped Chelsea finish second place to Manchester United in the Premier League.

In the UEFA Champions League final he was red carded for having a confrontation with Tevez. Chelsea manager Avram Grant said he would have shot in the shoot out.


7. Carles Puyol

Puyol is a centre back for Spain and Barcelona and in my mind is the best! With his uniquely long mop top and his aggressiveness, he is one of many peoples favorite players to watch.


6. Michael Ballack

Ballack has one of the best shots, if not the best shot in the world. His free kick in the European Championships was one to remember. He plays for the Germany and he has 38 career goals with his international team. He also plays for Chelsea and he is a midfielder.


5. Lionel Messi

Not being around long at age 21 and a long career to go, Messi has proven himself a leading man for Argentina and a key part of Barcelona. He has been with Barcelona since age 14. He played with the Barcelona Youth then in 2004 he joined the first team. Don't be surprised if you see him named FIFA Footballer of the year this season!


4. Kaka

Being the richest footballer ever, he is backing it up with a pretty good career with AC Milan. His performance in the Champions League in 2006-2007 was his best ever and he capped it off with winning the Champions League. He also plays for Brazil and he is 26 years old.


3. Ronaldinho

The best football freestyler on this list perfects some of the hardest soccer tricks to learn and he has an excellent shot. He played with Barcelona until he recently got transferred to AC Milan. His Barcelona career included a Champions League title in 2005-2006 and 92 goals and 200 appearances. What will AC Milan have in store for him!


2. Fernando Torres

Fernando scored the winning goal for Spain in the Euro 2008 final against Germany for a 1-0 victory. I think he is the currently the fastest footballer playing. He also has been playing for Liverpool since 2007. He is a striker and it shows, he has scored 33 goals in 46 games which is a season any other striker would ask for.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, people say he is a cry baby. Yes, people say he is a diver. But, yes, he is a great football icon throughout the world.

The key word for this guy is "improvise" with his tricks he makes defenders lunge in to a direction then goes the other way and he makes it all up on the go like many soccer players do, but Cristiano takes it to the next level.

His team, Manchester United, won the Champions League against Chelsea in a shoot-out. His international team, Portugal, was a tournament favorite in Euro 2008 but couldn't take it past Germany in the semi finals.


In the future I think that Lionel Messi might be #1 or maybe even Anderson of Manchester United who is a young up-and-coming star.

But how will we know, we will have to just wait.


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