Just Kick The Damn Ball to Devin Hester!

Jack MarchettiCorrespondent INovember 30, 2007

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Perhaps NFL coaches around the league are headed to the loony bin because they insist on kicking the ball to Devin Hester. 

And I applaud them.

Yes, I’m a Bears fan.  Yes, I live in Chicago

Yes, Devin Hester is the most exciting athlete to enter the second city since another 23 made everyone want to “Be Like Mike”.

And yes, teams need to keep kicking him the ball.

Some have compared Devin Hester to Barry Bonds.  If first base was open—hell, if the bases were loaded—managers would elect to walk Bonds because he was so dangerous. 

Doesn’t the pitcher have a 70% chance of getting an out when throwing to a guy with a .300 batting average?  I like those odds.

This is why football is so great.  You don’t want to face Tom Brady?  Tough.  Figure it out.

Afraid of what Adrian Petersen can do between the tackles?  Too bad, make a game plan for it.

And it’s also why I don’t understand the NFL talking heads who constantly scream into the camera: “Don’t kick the ball to Devin Hester!” 

I don’t get it.  Sure, the kickoff guy is the one player on the field you can “intentionally walk.”  But why would you advocate it?

Don’t they want the potential highlight reel?  Don’t they want the excitement that “The Windy City Flier” brings to each kick/missed field goal/punt return?

When Barry Bonds was about to break Hank Aaron’s record, ESPN would cut into their programming to show you the live play-by-play.  Is it just a matter of time before the networks showing NFL games do the same for Hester?

If so, why in God’s name are they screaming to coaches to not kick him the ball?

In a league filled with challenges that take thirty minutes, announcers that can't get the damn team names right, offsides calls, phantom pass interference calls, ticky tack calls, can't we all agree we want some damn excitement?!  I've got three words...

Run, Devin. Run!