A Method Of Making Samoa Joe The Brutal Being He Once Was

James ChiofaloContributor IAugust 4, 2010

My have the mighty fallen. This is a great description of the career of Samoa Joe. He made his TNA debut in 2005, but with his debut, one of the best wrestler came to TNA. In those first few years, Joe was a main draw for TNA, with his explosive power, agility, and great submission wrestling, Joe became one of the best wrestlers in the world.

However, in less time than it took the great giant to rise, he has fallen, and it all started after his Heavyweight title against Kurt Angle in what many people believe is one of the best matches in TNA history. However,  after holding the title for a decent 182 days, the Samoa Submission Machine was finally taken down by "the Icon Sting".

That was when his troubles began. He was a part of the TNA Frontline feuding with the Main Event Mafia. Then, after an MEM assault, he left TNA for a while due to injuries, came back to TNA wielding a machete, a buzz cut, and a tire track across his face. He then proceeded to join MEM in such a cheap storyline that had people wondering for days, why was Russo allowed to write this. From there it went further downhill, until it went lower than a rattlesnake's belly button.

Now TNA is planning on suspending him due to him being pissed off at management and production. Well obviously he would be pissed. He has been screwed over for the past 2 or 3 years. However, how can Joe be brought back while legitimizing his character?

My idea is a return to the heel Samoa Joe. The silent, Samoan monster. The original Joe. initially during his return, he attacks the people Hogan and Bischoff added onto the TNA Roster, starting with Orlando Jordan, who just won a match. From here a match is set up against Jordan in which Joe dominates, and even better returns back into his submission based self. This builds up to matches against other wrestlers, starting with Brian Kendrick, and slowly, but surely moving his way up to RVD. However, on his way, he starts attacking other TNA wrestlers. Those whom he sees as all gimmick. With his no nonsense attitude he goes for the gimmick wrestlers too. Started with Jordan, later with Suicide who is unmasked as Kiyoshi thus killing the gimmick. From there the next target is Shark Boy, which could finally give Sharky a storyline which gets rid of him completely. This soon grows to a match against the TNA Champion Kurt angle, who won the Championship against RVD. After Joe defeats RVD, he then says that he will take down a man known as the "Gold Medalist" referring to it as a cheap gimmick used to get himself over. He also refers to the broken neck as a way of saying that "because I have a broken neck, and I won something", I am officially better than everyone. This will lead to the final confrontation between Joe and Angle, which will be a 3 match series. 1 match on TV, and 2 separate PPVs ending with one of these two holding the TNA Championship.