ECW Return to TNA but we have seen it all before

Jonathan JacksonContributor IAugust 4, 2010

I recently flicked on to the TNA website to see what they are doing with the vast roster they have currently employed with no less than 74 on air employees that feature on a regular basis.  As I opened the web page I instantly saw the unmistakable ECW legends plastered down each side of the page; Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Mick Foley, Rhino, Bubba Ray Dudley and RVD.

These competitors were once very important to the original ECW in its heyday because without a doubt they put their heart and souls on the line every time they performed in that company. The original ECW in the 90’s brought an exciting, fresh new style, not just because of the hardcore wrestling but also the enthralling grapple matches that were performed by Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit to just name a few.  This high quality variety made the product so entertaining.

Some people say that the original ECW brought about the attitude era in WWE because of the extreme matches that would take place and the interesting twists and turns in the story lines that would occur.  For example - Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (never being able to beat him), Sabu vs Tazz for the FTW championship, Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk in their many battles and the famous Sandman and Raven feud that involved the Sandman’s family turning their back on him.

My main issue with TNA bringing back the ECW wrestlers is that it has been done before in the first One Night Stand in 2005 and in my personal option it was one of the finest PPV’s I have ever seen.  It recreated the atmosphere of the original ECW.  Dreamer said it himself.  He had closure.  So I don’t understand why every few years they need to resurrect ECW?

I have a great deal of respect for Tommy Dreamer but his speech, in general, irritated me because of how emotional he got about nothing.  He was also clearly putting a lot of it on.  I don’t really want to see old wrestlers breakdown in the middle of the ring about the old days – it just depresses me as a viewer – which isn’t the feeling I want as a wrestling fan.  I appreciate that a performer such as Dreamer would want to recapture the feeling and the old magic of the old ECW, but he had that with One Night Stand - 5 years ago!  WWE then brought ECW back permanently and made it look abysmal (but less said about that the better).  Another issue is all of these guys aren’t getting any younger.  Foley, Dreamer, Sabu, Sandman and Terry Funk.  I don’t want to see guys in their 50’s hitting each other with barbed wire.

The idea to use all of the old ECW guys isn’t the worst idea in the world, however.  They are all interesting personalities who still excite the crowd but I think it just seems like a lack of invention and creativity to bundle them together for another ECW night.  I still think Raven, RVD, Rhino are very talented and could wrestle virtually every week at a very high standard.  Foley, in my opinion is one of the best people in the history of wrestling for speaking on the mic and should be used in a general manager role but should not still be wrestling these days.

One of the reasons I don’t particularly find this come back of ECW so exciting is there is no Paul Heyman and without the mad professor I don’t think it could ever be quite the same.  He is the leader of the pack of the original ECW.  Without Heyman it would be like having a racing car without a diver.  The next reason I don’t think this will work there is too much of a “all for one, one for all” attitude to the plot.  There is no friction, everyone loves each other.  Dreamer said it himself they are ‘a family’.  So, unless the TNA guys go against them I don’t think it will be very entertaining at all - who wants to see friends fighting each other?  Nobody that’s who!

In general, I just can’t see this storyline being great at all.  I think it smacks of desperation to bring in ECW especially after WWE already did it about 4 years ago.  What is the point of seeing the same storyline twice?  I really do think that this idea by TNA is lacklustre and we have seen this all before.