"The Last Shot"

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIAugust 4, 2010

"The Last Shot"

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    The Last Shot takes a satirical aim at the athletes and events making news in the world of sports. The Last Shot will consume the never-ending and always overflowing supply of sports infotainment, process it, condense it, and then turn those sporting headlines into punchlines. Sure, sometimes the truth hurts… But it is also so damn funny!

New Lebron-Com

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    Moments after Lebron James publicized his decision to sign with the Miami Heat on ESPN, the sports network announced they are developing a new sitcom for the NBA’er.

The Erection Has Spoken

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    This fall, Extenze pitch-a-tent-man Jimmy Johnson will be a contestant on Survivor: Nicaragua. Don’t worry ladies that bulge in his pants is just the hidden immunity idol.

7th Heaven Stretch

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    George Steinbrenner got the surprise of his after-life when he discovered the Gates of Heaven are guarded by Saint Billy Martin.

Yo! Proctologist

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    Sylvester Stallone is considering making Rocky 7. In the film the champ would take on his toughest opponent yet, his enlarged prostate.

You’ve Been Peep’d

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    First reporter Erin Andrews, now secretly taken pictures of former NFL announcer John Madden relaxing at a Ramada Inn in Oakland, have surfaced.

Tour de Lance

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    Lance Armstrong places 23rd in Tour de France. The cycling star loses out on Wheaties endorsement but lands deal with lesser known cereal brand.

Soft Landing

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    Dennis Rodman escaped injury after his car flipped three times while driving through Fort Lauderdale. Luckily the ex-b-baller’s car is equipt with two air bags, or as Rodmen calls them, Carmen Electra.