Manny Ramirez Headed to LA Dodgers

chris hurstCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

After a full seven-and-a-half years, Manny Ramirez leaves the Boston Red Sox to go to the LA Dodgers, who are part of the National League West division. 

When Manny heads to the Dodgers, he leaves two World Series titles that he helped the Red Sox ball club win in 2004 and 2007.  At the present time, the Red Sox have a record of 61-48, while the Dodgers are 54-53. 

The cut down of the trading comes down to this:

~Manny gets traded to the Dodgers.

~Jason Bay from the Pirates goes to Boston.

~Pirates get: Craig Hansen, Andy LaRoache, Brandon Moss, and Bryan Morris.

The Deal: The Dodgers pulled arguably the biggest mid season deal in team history right at the deadline, acquiring future Hall of Fame slugger Manny Ramirez from the Red Sox in a three-way deal that also saw Pittsburgh's Jason Bay head to Boston.

The Pirates received two prospects from each team, including reliever Craig Hansen and third baseman Andy LaRoche.


The best line-up in baseball was just broken up as of today, and you know what, I hope this will do well for Boston by helping them get back on a winning streak.  Manny, to most people, seemed like a nice guy and all, and a great team player, but wait!

Manny was always the star of the game sometime and somehow.  It is sad to see Manny go, but in November of 2010, he will be a free agent, and who knows will Boston be in his future again? Or will another team? 

At least we won’t need to sign that $20 million check at the end of the year!  But to me, we just lost a great part of are ball club, and it will NEVER be the same without him or the other guys we lost.