WWE Summerslam 2010: The Odd Alliance's Saga Continues

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IAugust 3, 2010

On the last episode of Raw, John Cena's Team started to tear apart. Edge and Chris Jericho have quit the Odd Alliance, leaving it with only five members.

But in the usual WWE grand scheme, the story-line can now evolve naturally, with the two heels out of the coalition.

Edge and Y2J's departure made some good TV and spiced up the angle. It also complies with the faces against heels confrontations norm.

That being said and done, it's now speculation time.

Obviously, the main question is who will replace them?

Without even thinking, Evan Bourne and Mark Henry are the two names that emerge first. Yoshi Tatsu would also make sense since he has been attacked by The Nexus few weeks ago and he desperately needs some exposure.

Another question can come to mind: will there be an actual seven-on-seven match at Summerslam?

We still don't know if R-Truth and John Morrison have buried the hatchet, so one of them might leave the boat. The Great Khali might also decide to join The Nexus, which would be a great twist.

Finally, one more question remains without an answer: What will happen with Edge and Jericho who made peace after the rivalry they had in the last months?

It's not easy to say what the duo has in store. Will they try to recruit five heel wrestlers to join them in their crusade against The Nexus? And, if it's the case, who will they pick? Ted DiBiase? The Miz? Who else?

If it's the case, it's hard to predict what will happen at the Biggest Show of The Summer. I can hardly imagine a triple-threat seven men tag team match, but we never know.

There is also the possibility of a match between Edge-Y2J and Cena groups to determine which will face The Nexus.

Everything is now on the table for a potentially surprising showdown leading to the August Classic.

There are a lot a questions in the air, but still few answers and only one episode of Raw before the pay-per-view.

I have to admit I am eager to see what's next. What about you?