TNA Has Suspended Samoa Joe!

Rex WilliamsContributor IAugust 3, 2010 is reporting that TNA Wrestling has made the call to suspend Samao Joe for an unknown amount of time!

The reason: His attitude towards his work!

This comes no more than a few days I made a comment that AJ Styles might not be a happy chappy working for TNA at the moment.  I based this on an interview I read between him and Pro Wrestling Illustrated, in which he is quoted as saying; "It was like I'm not the star I thought I was."

At the time of making that comment, he was speaking of how felt after being told to drop his heavyweight championship to Rob Van Dam, who "was coming in from WWE." 

Is he happy about?  I'll let you make your own judgement.

Now you may think that TNA has a deep roster and two upset wrestlers isn't that bad, but it is.  Samoa Joe and AJ Styles are the only two on top that TNA have not picked up when they were on the WWE Rebound.  These are TNA's biggest "homegrown" talent.

It is also being reported Samoa Joe has been requested to lose weight and is either not willing to do it or physically cannot, which I find hard to believe.  So is Samoa Joe upset with the direction of TNA, like AJ Styles?  Are they rebelling against all order?

You may think the list stops there, but I don't think it does.  I have heard reports stating that Hernandez is also unhappy in TNA.  As a future world champion, this does not bode well for TNA if they lose him.

At worst case, they lose the three of the most talented workers in the business.  Is that really that bad?  Well, what happened to WCW when people like Eddie Geurrero, Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho were unhappy and left? 

You cannot deny the similarities of a company in meltdown.  I for one, say New York is always a good place to visit and I wish any of three the best if they decide to take a dip in the big pond.