Ellerbusch's WWE RAW Examinations (8/2/2010)

Ryan Ellerbusch@RyanEllerbuschContributor IAugust 3, 2010

Hope everyone is enjoying my ongoing thoughts and humorous predictions/analysis of WWE RAW each Monday night. WWE RAW comes to us once again from San Antonio and was actually taped last week, so I expect some stellar camera angles and good commentary. Countdown is at 2 weeks until the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.


  • After watching the opening video package, I wonder where Bret Hart was watching last week when Team WWE was arguing and blaming each other in the ring as RAW went off the air. Maybe Team WWE will receive a speech from Bret Hart tonight?
  • I cannot wait to see the move “Legendary” starring none other than John Cena himself. As a Cena fan, no matter what people say about his movies, I agree they aren’t’ very good, but this movie will portray John very differently as he becomes a mentor to a young kid who is impacted by professional wrestling in his family and wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. Cena has experience in this setting helping young children for Make-A-Wish Foundation and has a great heart and personality. 
  • Finally, Edge receives some big heat from the crowd…and no sparklers during his entrance to the ring.
  • Has R-Truth ever opened RAW? He sure talked some sense into Edge...“That’s the truth.” But, how come he didn’t say…“And that’s what’s up.”
  • A message from the RAW General Manager…Edge vs. Wade Barrett…I totally agree with R-Truth, this Edge/Barrett match-up won’t solve anything and I’m sick of WWE treating Barrett like an all-star and giving him these matches. He is still very much a WWE rookie, although he is improving rapidly.
  • Question: What will the rookies or winning rookie from NXT Season 2 have in store for the WWE…maybe take over Smackdown?
  • There are chants, “Let’s Go Edge.” Two heels fighting each other as Jerry Lawler emphasizes my point that the WWE Universe would love to see nothing more than The Nexus lose. Therefore, the WWE Universe is cheering for Edge. Thank you “King!”
  • Got to love it when wrestlers roll out of the ring when Edge sets up for his spear. You can totally see it coming.
  • WWE has really gotten out of hand recently with wrestlers going into the stands…however; this has mainly been the problem with Smackdown with the feuds of Kane, Mysterio, and Swagger in past weeks and months.
  • Edge quits Team WWE and it looks Jericho might too. If Cena quits Team WWE, this could be the perfect setup for Cena to turn heel and screw Team WWE at SummerSlam.
  • Jericho loses match = Ted DiBiase to Team WWE or Evan Bourne. Those two guys are my best guess…two of the top RAW superstars who are not already in the SummerSlam card lineup.
  • Cena loses match = Edge back to Team WWE and probably a whole revamp of Team WWE’s roster probably without The Great Khali and R-Truth and a few others.
  • Does anybody else ever wonder if The Great Khali and his translator are actually translating or just saying random words from his Indian native language?
  • Since the tag-team champions The Hart Dynasty and the competing Usos feud has been going on long enough without a title change, it is time to make a humor match here and give Santino and Koslov a chance to earn one of the biggest upsets in history.
  • Quote from Jerry Lawler: “So many divas, so little time.” Just how I and the WWE Universe likes it. Something to pass the time between the feuds going on inside Team WWE.
  • Michael Cole makes the most stupid comments ever saying he wants to go to a karaoke bar with Jillian. Please recommend me if you think I should apply for the new WWE play-by-play scripted commentator.
  • I like Alicia Fox already to win at SummerSlam. And after Melina’s run-in…I still like her chances to win.
  • When you think of Sheamus and Golddust in the same sentence, I think of one acronym…ECW. According to Michael Cole, “this match is a good test for Sheamus?” I think we all saw how easily this match was for him. He was so fresh after the match he even cut a promo.
  • Cena vs. Jericho…To turn Cena heel like we all want to see, Nexus should interfere in the match and help Jericho pick up the match victory over Cena.
  • A Cena missed shoulder block? You sure don’t see those blunders made every week by SuperCena.
  • Is Jericho selling the fact that Cena is too strong to throw back into the ring?
  • I really like this match…Jericho knows how to and has countered pretty much every move/attack from Cena.
  • Chris Jericho tapped out to the STF before it was even locked in…Cena wins some matches a lot of different ways, but this is definitely one of his more unique victories.
  • It’s official, Jericho walks out of Team WWE…what’s next for Cena…I don’t know and really don’t care. Nexus is obviously going to win at SummerSlam and if there are any professional sports entertainment bookies out there that are involved in WWE predictions/bets…I would put my money on The Nexus to win at SummerSlam.
  • Jericho/Edge vs. Cena/Hart w/ The Nexus serving as Lumberjacks outside of the ring for next week’s main event on RAW…I just don’t understand the WWE and their booking. They try to make a “super” match if you will and throw in superstars and put them on tag teams. I just don’t like the booking lately by the WWE and would rather see them all fight individually. I don’t like thrown together tag teams…they just don’t work out for either side because after awhile one teammate betrays another and costs themselves the match in the end.
  • John Cena’s name is Mike in the movie, “Legendary.”
  • Speed, Knowledge, Leverage, and Strength….very similar to John Cena’s Hustle, Loyalty and Respect words of wisdom used earlier in his WWE career.
  • The Nexus actually distracting Ted DiBiase and helping The Great Khali win a match. This is going to be interesting to follow in the next few weeks. The Nexus definitely respects The Great Khali, but Edge thinks he is a joke. Who does The Great Khali own his allegiance too when he faces The Nexus in just two weeks at SummerSlam as a current member of Team WWE?
  • The Miz cutting a promo before a match…now this is WWE booking that I approve of.
  • Now I called Kane at the Money In The Bank PPV to not only win the MITB ladder match but to cash in the contract against an injured Mysterio and become the new champion. It seems like The Miz is taking a note and may do it against whoever loses the Sheamus and Randy Orton match for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.
  • Randy Orton is man-handling The Miz in the early stages of this match. Sheamus comes out to distract Orton and we see a commercial, but even when we return Orton is still in control.
  • I am convinced that The Miz will always be a mid-carder just for the fact that he doesn’t have a great finisher, which we all saw in his match with Randy Orton. Orton is so effective that even when he seems like he is beat, he kicks out, rises to his feet, and quickly delivers an RKO. Orton beats The Miz and proves to the WWE that even if The Miz successfully cashes in his MITB briefcase/contract, he won’t be champion for long due to his limited move set and lack of a finisher. The Miz gave Randy Orton all he could handle tonight and still lost.

Overall, this episode of RAW was again quite obvious as there is still some tension in the air between Team WWE, Nexus, and now Edge and Jericho. With just one more RAW episode before SummerSlam, what will the rest of the card look like next week and how will Team WWE’s roster round out?