Pro Wrestling: Review of WWE Monday Night Raw! (Aug. 2)

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIAugust 3, 2010

Edge/R-Truth Promo

Very nice opening to Raw here.

Nice to see WWE put Truth on the same level as Edge.

I also like this new dimension to the Nexus angle—I like the way Edge is doubting Team Cena and is taking his own actions. It's refreshing and keeps the angle somewhat interesting.

Both men's mic skills were very good here.

I'd love to see WWE put these two in a programme with each other somewhere down the line, as I'd think they'd work well together.

A nice opening to Raw here. If it involves a WWE main eventer interacting with an up-and-comer and giving them a bit of the ''rub,'' it's okay with me.



Edge vs Wade Barrett

A good match for what it was—a prelude to Summerslam and a match that was never going to involve a clean finish.

A few good moves here and there—a DDT and the ''Edge-O-Matic.''

Cheap and repetitive finish. WWE could have at least tried something different from last week.



Edge Quits Team Cena/Jericho Challenges Cena

Nice little segment here to further the ''Dissention in the ranks'' angle.

It makes this feud a bit more interesting.

A nice main event for tonight too.



Alicia Fox, Tamina & Jillian Hall vs. Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Natalya

A good match from the divas here. That's two good matches in the last two main WWE shows: Raw and Smackdown. Could we be seeing the renaissance of women's wrestling?

The match was fast-paced and the action was pretty good.

Although it was easy to see who came from a wrestling background and who didn't, all six women worked well together.

The divas scene has started to get interesting, and with the return of the beautiful Melina, ''Business is about to pick up!''



Sheamus vs. Goldust

Total squash.

Any chance of a decent match was squashed after 30 seconds.



Sheamus' Post Match Promo

Good mic skills from Sheamus here.

Not much to say about the promo, really.

It wasn't great. It wasn't terrible—it was just good.



Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

This was a great TV match, a match worthy of the Monday Night Raw of old.

Great moves, counters, and false finishers were all featured.

The momentum shifted regularly, and the fans were into it from begining to end.

The match featured ''Codebreakers,'' ''STF's,'' ''Walls of Jericho'' and other great spots in the match.

The finish came when Cena escaped the Walls of Jericho into the STF.

This match is a surefire pick for the next ''Best of Raw'' DVD.



Cena asks Jericho to Remain on the Team:

After the match, Cena cut a promo asking Jericho to reconsider and starts pandering to Jericho and patronising him.

At first, Jericho appears to be reconsidering and heads towards the ring, but then decides he can live with letting the parasites down.

Another nice little segment here.



Edge & Jericho Reconcile Backstage

The former members of ''Rated Y2J'' decide to leave the past in the past and say it's all water under the bridge.

Could we be seeing the prelude to the reformation of a potentially great tag team?

I hope so.



Orton's backstage segment was okay, but it's not worth my time to review it.

Khali w/ Singh vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

Sadly, the most interesting thing about this match was Maryse!

Not a great match, but when do we ever have a match involving Khali that isn't a bit sloppy?

Khali gets the win with the chop to the head and the double-armed chokeslam after a distraction from Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield.



I'm not even going to refer to Cole and Lawler's conversation about that movie (except for here!)


Miz Promo

A decent enough promo from the Miz.

However, he never referenced the fact that he is the United States Champion.

Seriously, I could cut the shape of the title out of cardboard, put some foil on it, and what I would be left with is something that is as prestigious as the US and Intercontinental Titles are in WWE today!

I think I may have found another topic for my series entitled ''Problems with the Product.''



Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Another good match on Raw.

The match went as you would expect it to with Orton eventually getting the win.

The match featured clothelines, an RKO and the patented ''IEDDT.''

The pace was good, the crowd appeared to be into it, and it was a good match.

The finish was a little too predictable though. A win would have done wonders for Miz's credibility.


After the match, Sheamus tries yet another sneak attack....but fails!


Final Thoughts:

Not a bad episode of Raw this week.

We've all definitely seen a lot worse!

Highlight of the night goes to John Cena vs. Chris Jericho.

The main event wasn't bad either, and we had a few decent segments throughout the show also.

We had a great divas match—by their standards—and I was really glad to see Melina return.

Let's hope she can remain injury-free and that WWE was awaiting her return to breathe new life into the divas division.

Final Rating: 3.4/5

Thanks for reading. If you have any preference for a subject which you would like me to cover in my ''Problems with the Product'' series, send me a message or comment below.


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