Why The Undertaker's Streak Shouldn't End

The Lord Of DarknessContributor IAugust 3, 2010

The world may end in 2012, but The Streak won’t.

For 18 WrestleMania’s they have come and for 18 WrestleMania’s they have fallen.

The Undertaker's Streak is made out to be more important. His streak is much more meaningful than any title reign or length. Flair's 16 title reigns are now useless because the likes of Edge (9) Cena (9) HHH (13) Taker (7) just to name a few, are just 1 year (aka regaining and losing the title) away from surpassing Flair’s title count. Don't forget, you could win a title and hold it for a few minutes. You could even regain it the next night. The Streak will never be forgotten.


In 10 years if people research "this guy who never lost at Mania" they'll end up seeing names they'll remember. "Whoa. Batista, he was that big strong guy. Orton? No way, he's still wrestling now! Edge, oh yeah he spear tackled a lot. Shawn Mi... Shawn HBK Michaels! Twice in a row at Mania HBK lost! Remember these guys, Buddy?” They'll see the names like Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Sycho Sid and many more, do research on their feuds and eventually see how great feuds were in 1996-2000 with Taker (I.E. Mankind, Kane, HBK *which goes to 2010*).


If the streak was not to be, would stars like Randy Orton be stuck in the main event level? Probably, however, it was because of The Undertaker that he is. He was teetering back and forth and because of that amazing match, Orton would not have been there so soon. The Undertaker’s WrestleMania match with him got him in the top scenario and Orton hasn’t come down since. You know who to thank for that.

Batista’s title reigns. They were mediocre and one of his best matches (for the title) was against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 23. The WHC was losing prestige because names weren’t holding it like they did 2-3 years before (Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton). Instead we got Batista, Rey Mysterio, Booker T. All great champs but they didn’t have as meaningful title reign (or storylines) as the raw superstars I mentioned.

So much more has happened with the streak but if I can get this from two Mania matches imagine what I’d do with 17-0.

The Undertaker has given so much to this company (gimmick changes, gimmick matches and making sure that they take care backstage).

He contributes a lot, why can’t he have the streak?

The last Buried Alive match was in 2003 (Survivor Series). If there is no Buried Alive match within 3 years, that WILL be the last Buried Alive match

Why? Because it was The Undertakers match. He had so many gimmick matches that will be a mere memory, a forgotten legend, after he retires.

-The Casket Match: Every match has had The Undertaker in it. The last Casket Match was in 2006 (WrestleMania 22). That could very well be the last Casket Match in the WWE.

-Buried Alive Match: Was last in 2003 and has contained Taker in each match. That will be forgotten because it’s his match. It has had so many great moments (Undertaker returning to Deadman in a new gimmick as The Hybrid) and against Mankind, in the Attitude Era (losing after about 8 people beat him down and then raising his hand above the dirt). <

-Last Ride: It’s basically an Ambulance Match but for The Undertaker. It seems better than an Ambulance Match because Taker always does awesome things (like with Mr. Kennedy, he appeared in the back of the hearse). It will be gone when The Undertaker will retire.

-Hell in a Cell: Many have competed in this match however it seems to be more The Undertaker’s than anybody else. Hell in a Cell is The Undertaker’s yard, the Demon from Death Valley’s playground. That will still be around but it won’t mean as much without The Undertaker.


So why can't The Undertaker have the streak? Give me a good reason as to how the WWE can repay The Deadman in a suitable manner that isn't tacky or no longer credible such as a title reign? Case closed.