Are Wrestling Fans Optimistic or Clearly Insane?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 2, 2010

After a leave of absence from the writing world to clear my head, I'm back. I needed to come back, and in some ways, I just have so much to say.

Because of this wonderful thing called ADHD, I cannot remember it all, so I need to hurry up and write.

I've hung around B/R all the while and helped out with a few articles through sharing a few opinions in an interview and editing.

But after reading it all, I couldn't help but wonder, are wrestling fans, especially those who are big fans of WWE, insane?

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Some would say that they are not insane, just simply optimistic. But is their optimism a good thing or bad?

Fans of WWE who are writers on the "net" haven't mentioned they liked an entire WWE show in some time.

On the same token, no TNA fan in some time has claimed to have been a fan of an entire TNA program.

I for one, think that the fans of these organizations will never be happy and will continue to dislike certain things done by that certain business.

I used to love one program called ROH on HDNet. Now it doesn't interest me, and I can no longer watch it. Not because I hate ROH , but because it has gotten boring to me.

Heck, in my opinion the best talent is almost out the door, if it hasn't already left.


I went insane almost, trying to watch a program that only got worse to me. While some loved it, others, like myself, just couldn't seem to get into it.

TNA fans want something along the lines of WWE, while WWE fans want to have some of TNA in the WWE.

It's sad, but true. Let me explain.

WWE fans want to have the TV-PG format out, which won't happen anytime soon, but they do nonetheless. They want a TNA rating, whereas TNA fans want to have an older WWE style TV-14 model in TNA.

The issue is that after over two decades of wrestling on TV, it's hard to come up with a compelling storyline that has never before been seen. When we do see one, many of us are happy.

However, the same people who complain about one thing complain again once their wish was fulfilled.

Why is that?

WWE fans cried out for change, then they saw it in Sheamus becoming WWE Champion, in Nexus, etc., but they are still not happy.

Heck, when Nexus was formed, fans weren't optimistic of the new group, rather complaining about how the WWE would ruin it. And this was before it even started!


We defined insanity before, but on the other hand, there comes more forms of insanity.

The people who asked for change got it, but then didn't want to accept it. Why cry out for something you don't want?

Because the kind of change you wanted didn't come, you hate on another kind of change the business does?

That is flat out nuts!

Get out of your mental institutions and open your eyes, walk out the door into the world and realize that WWE is answering the critics, giving you something compelling.

WWE fans are sometimes called insane for watching and wanting something different, but the true fan's optimism of the WWE makes them hope and then realize that the WWE will come through.

Now we go to TNA fans, the ones who seem too passionate on TV, yet write a different story.

They have the TV-14 thing to play with, yet never use the most of it. The only thing they have done was add a few more curse words to older story lines.

However, they have done one thing the fans asked them for, yet still complain about. They are pushing some of the original TNA talent more and more.

Sure, RVD is still World Champion, but AJ Styles, now named the top wrestler in the world by PWI this month, was the champ before for months.


Eric Young has seen a push and did a lot with it. Rob Terry has done well; then you add in Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, and Hernandez who all have done well.

If you ask me, all TNA has to do is go back to the way they were in 2009, with the best tag-teams, female wrestlers, and X-Division talent in the world.

TNA was then considered better than any WWE show to watch. But, since 2010 began, they have not delivered what the fans want.

But the push of talents such as Styles and Jay Lethal has to be noticed. They realize people like Flair, Nash, and Foley won't be around for too much longer. And if they don't find potential replacements for them, they are in trouble.

This is why all have been gradually removed from matches and given more mic time than anything else.

Matt Morgan replaced Nash; Abyss replaced Foley; and Lethal has replaced Flair from what I've seen.

TNA has really been smart in how they replaced them in my opinion. We should praise them for that, if nothing else.

While both the WWE and TNA have things to work on to make fans happy, they are doing things more and more to make fans happy and we should be optimistic. And fans shouldn't think they are insane for watching a different result from the same business.


That business, like a flower, will be planted and will grow into something beautiful. This transition won't happen overnight, but it will happen without a doubt.

We should be there and continue to watch for these wonderful things to happen. If we just give up now, we won't see the best thing about it, the growing period itself!


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