NFL: Worst Division?

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IJuly 31, 2008

I'll start with the NFC.

Well, this one is quite obvious. It's the NFC west. Who else?

The 49ers have gone from one of the best teams ever to nothing, a.k.a. what they are now.  The last time they've been to the playoffs was 2002, and with coach Mike Nolan, you can't expect more.

The Rams have done no damage either, going 3-13  last year. And they have plenty of holes to cover. Besides, I'm not sure about Bulger. Can he make the Rams the team to beat next year? No way.

The Seahawks have been leading this division lately. But then again, that's not saying much. Since their SB appearance, they haven't gone that far in the playoffs. In their first year after the-almost-big-one they practically got defeated by Dallas. The only reason they won: Romo fumbled.

Second round: Killed by the Bears, who would go to the SB that year, only to get killed themselves.

Last year: beat Redskins, than lost to the Packers.

Lastly, and probably least, the Arizona Cardinals. Through most of the past years, Arizona has finished last. But I actually think the Card's could win the NFC West this year, and that's a different story.

Now, the AFC.

This is between the north and west, and I'm going to have to go with the AFC West. I'm gonna speak like I'm not a Raider fan in this.

The Chargers are the only good team in the present for this division.  LT being their main weapon, helping Phillip Rivers, the QB. Add TE Gates and WR Chambers to help the passing game.

The Chiefs? Well, I really don't know much about them. Let's see, they don't really have the best QB in Crolye.  They've placed third for most of the past years, and I don't see them doing anything better this year, if not worse.  

The Denver Bronco's. They haven't been doing awful (Don't ever make me say that, it's murder) but they haven't been amazing either. They're probably the second overall in this division, but who gets a trophy for that?

Finally, The Oakland Raiders.  They haven't been to the playoffs since San Francisco, and haven't won more than 19 games since.  I see the Raiders doing really good this year, but in recent past, they've played like high-schoolers (also murder).

Of all the NFL? I'd say the NFC west with no doubt.

Well, thanks for reading! Happy football season to everyone!