Fantasy Football: Top 15 WRs

gregory caldarellaAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

1) Randy Moss: It is official, he is back at the number one spot of wide outs and it only took him a record breaking season to do so. It's impossible to see any other WR getting selected before Moss at this point. With Tom Brady hurling up bombs to Randy, he is a can't miss producer.

I see the Pats scaling back the air attack a little bit as they try to establish a more consistent run game but that will not affect Moss one bit. He's a lock for 15+ TDs.

2) Reggie Wayne: Last year's injury to Marvin Harrison gave Wayne the chance to show just how good he really is. He finally stepped out of the big shadow of his mentor and the torch has officially been passed.

Wayne is a reception machine and even with Harrison's return, I still see Reggie nearing the same numbers as last year with maybe even more TDs. If he could dominate with no other WR compliment, then imagine what he could do when he's not getting double covered.

3) Terrell Owens: I might hate him and his antics but that doesn't mean he isn't a monster. T.O. has become the focal point of the Cowboys high powered attack and went all season without a sideline outburst (but not without a teary press conference outburst!).

He is turning 35 this year but that is a moot point especially when he is in such great shape at this point in his career. He will end up with the same consistent T.O. numbers when all is said and done.

4) Braylon Edwards: He really broke out onto the scene last year after a bit of a slow start to his career. He lived up to his potential and proved that he is probably the best young WR in the league. Derek Anderson really established a connection with Edwards, especially in the red zone, where he hauled in 16 TDs.

He is a huge target with unbelievable playmaking ability so expect him to build off last year's stats. It also helps that he plays in a dynamic offense and the addition of Donte Stallworth can only relieve some pressure for him.

5) Andre Johnson: Andre Johnson was on his way to a career year when a sprained MCL sidelined him for seven weeks. He is Matt Schaub's main target and probably only legit target. He is a dangerous deep threat and can also go strong over the middle. He is one scary assignment for opposing CBs.

Don't let last year's injury scare you into thinking he is injury prone. This was pretty much the only time in his career that he missed a significant amount of playing time. He would have been way higher on this list had a played a full season last year and you should take note of that in your drafts. He will be a steal in most drafts.

6) Larry Fitzgerald: He really had an outstanding season last year with 100 receptions and 10 TDs. He is hitting his stride and he won't command double teams as long as Anquan Boldin is still around.

The only thing to worry about is that he experienced most of his success last season with Kurt Warner slinging the ball his way. It might be a more inconsistent year with Matt Leinart hitting some bumps in the road, so buyers beware...sort of.

7) T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Housh was a reception machine last year as he totaled 112 grabs. For most of the year he seemed as though he was Carson Palmer's favorite target and especially when it came to red zone targets. He is more along the lines of a possession receiver so the yards may not rack up but the receptions and TDs will almost certainly be there.

8) Marques Colston: Many feared he would suffer the dreaded sophomore slump but Colston rolled to another terrific fantasy year. Drew Brees had no other viable option and Colston still produced despite facing constant double teams.

Very impressive for such a late round project out of Hofstra. The addition of Jeremy Shockey should also divert some of the attention away from Colston opening up even more room to work with.

9) Chad Johnson: Many are down on Chad after his offseason antics but don't think for a second that Chad will not have his numbers. He talks a big game but he backs it up. He's still one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game and is just a fun personality to have on your team.

He will slip to the third round or later in most drafts but don't pass on him, you will be kicking yourself when he's talking smack during the season and your team is on the other end of it.

10) Steve Smith: Here's a guy who can't wait to have buddy Jake Delhomme back. Without his QB, Steve Smith struggled mightily to put up his normal numbers. He barely surpassed the 1,000 yard mark and that is not good considering Mr. Smith was one of the best WRs for the past few years.

His lack of production last year might be a blessing in disguise for your team as he will definitely be one of the better bargains in the draft. A more improved WR core that consists of Mushin's return and D.J. Hackett will also assist in Smith's revival.

11) Plaxico Burress:  Plax is probably the most important member of the Giants offense. He is their big play maker and definitely their only home run threat. In big games Burress really rose to the occasion and showed a strong rapport with Eli Manning. Manning's improvement this year will only help boost Plax's numbers.

A healthy Plax will also show just how good he really is. He played all last year with a bad ankle injury but he forged through it; now that's a tough fantasy player. I see Burress putting up sick numbers as he hopes to get a new deal with the Giants and prove he is one of the best at his position, so view him as a very talented man playing with a lot of incentive.

12) Torry Holt: Another player who will be happy to see his QB return healthy this year. Say what you want but Marc Bulger was not himself last year and the swiss cheese of an O-Line with no Steven Jackson does not help the cause.

Holt is still the best route runner and has the best hands in the league. He may be getting older but he can still play with the best of them. The Rams may not be the "Greatest Show on Turf" anymore but they can still move the chains when everything is clicking.

13) Brandon Marshall: The only legit WR threat on the Broncos and it showed as he caught 102 passes last year. He forms a nice young tandem between himself and young gun Jay Cutler.

The only thing holding him back is his off the field problems. He could possibly be facing a suspension from the league and it would be a big blow to your team if he is indeed suspended for an extended period. It is definitely a situation to monitor and hopefully a decision will come before your draft.

14) Wes Welker: When Tom Brady is airing it out to Moss, he's dumping it off to Wes. Welker is as shifty as they come and is a great value pick for points per receptions leagues. It will be hard for him to regain his 2007 numbers but he will still enjoy a very solid season in the Patriots pass happy attack.

15) Anquan Boldin: Boldin is an absolute stud when healthy, and healthy he was not last year. He finished with his worst reception and yardage totals since 2004 as he was hampered by a toe injury for most of the year. He has to be considered a high end WR second option and probably can be bought a lot lower than he should be thanks to last year's off stats.