NXT Rookies & Former Stars Injured, TNA Confirm ECW Stars For PPV, More.

Tom HarveyContributor IIAugust 1, 2010

Haven't written an article for B/R in a couple of weeks so I may be a little rusty:

Two promo posters  have recently been released, one for WWE's Night of Champions and the other for TNA's No Surrender. They can been seen at these links respectively:

MTV's Lucha Libre: Masked Warriors has advertised that former WWE Superstar Carlito Colon  will be appearing in their show in Las Vegas on August 7.

Former WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels was backstage at last weeks' RAW in San Antonio, Texas. "The Heartbreak Kid" posted this on his Twitter page: "It was great to see all the WWE cast and crew Monday night in [San Antonio]. Momma and the kids watched from ringside, and I sat with the boss in the back. I know it's only been a few months, but it seemed like old times. Really nice and special to see everybody."

WWE tryouts  took place between last Friday and today. Fifty-plus individuals, both male and female, were at the tryout camp. Jim Ross attended the camp all day yesterday and today.

JR recently blogged about Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan 's health condition. Bobby recently fell, breaking his hip, shoulder, and pelvis. He will be undergoing shoulder surgery on Aug. 4, and I believe I speak for everyone when I wish Bobby the quickest recovery possible.

Former ECW Star Mikey Whipwreck  has also been having some health problems. He recently posted this on his Twitter account: "Back in the ER. You heard it here 1st. More of the same. The pain is unbelievable. MRI on Monday better show something. This sucks." 

Again, we hope Mikey has the quickest recovery possible.

TNA have confirmed 11 former ECW Stars for their August PPV HardCORE Justice. They are as follows:
- Tommy Dreamer
- Mick Foley
- Rob Van Dam
- Team 3D
- Raven
- Rhino
- Stevie Richards
- Simon Diamond
- Al Snow
- Axl Rotten
- Johnny Swinger
Jerry Lynn is rumoured to also be in this PPV in the main event against RVD, but TNA have yet to confirm this.

Two of the NXT Rookies  from the current season are injured. Kaval is working through a shoulder injury that he has reportedly had for a few weeks now, and Lucky Cannon was taken to hospital following a head wound he received during his FCW bout this past Friday.

Cannon wrote on his Twitter: "Just left the hospital.. Stitches above my left eye ... I'm good though."

Check back in a few days for more WWE/TNA news, and sorry for being gone so long!