Dallas Cowboys Are Super Bowl Bound

Taylor GramAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys have had some disappointing years, but none like the ones they've had behind Tony Romo.

First, he comes in behind Drew Bledsoe and saves the Cowboys' season, giving the fans a reason to cheer.

Then came the fumble. Romo fumbles the ball on the field-goal attempt in Seattle, gets the blame for the whole loss, and the ending of the Cowboys' season, and gets to look ahead to great criticism the next year.

In the '07-'08 season, the Cowboys finally looked themselves again. They had a winning record, beat the rival, divisional teams, and had a great offense. They would have been on top of the sports world if Tom Brady weren't alive.

But the Cowboys were climbing the ladder of NFL success. They had big wins against the Packers and the Bears. Home-field advantage was their partner, and together they seemed unstoppable.

Then they crumbled in the face of the Giants and were sent home still wondering what went wrong.

Now that the '08-'09 season is approaching, the hopes are still high for the Cowboys. They have brought in help on defense with Pacman...oh, sorry...Adam Jones. Julius Jones is in Seattle, Barber is on top of the depth chart, and the Cowboys are looking for their sixth Lombardi trophy.

Romo and the gang are hungry for a playoff win, something the city of Dallas has not seen in some time. They have everything they need. Their arsenal is full and ready for battle.

Romo has proved that he can lead Dallas, but the question is: How far can he lead them? So far, Romo has a reputation of not being able to get it done in the crunch time. That is a reputation he does not deserve.

Romo has only played in two playoff games.

The first was against a very good Seattle team, and maybe he did drop the ball in the end, but the Cowboys still had a chance to win the game after that. They stopped the Seahawks and had the ball around the 50, with timeouts left. They just flat out got beaten.

The other loss was to the Giants, who went on to win the Super Bowl. It doesn't seem like a horrible loss if you lose to the team that is apparently the best in the league.

Marion Barber is a beast, and he can still share the load with Felix Jones like he did with the Julius Jones.

Marc Colombo, Flozell Adams, and Leonard Davis can keep their offensive line together, as long as Andre Gurode can keep the snap down. And it's not as if Barber even needs blockers.

Jason Witten will be the key to the offense next year. Defenses will have to base their game plans around him and make sure he is covered. As long as they're doing that, Owens and Crayton can be productive with less attention toward them.

Here's where it gets tricky.

Terrell Owens is 33. Glenn is a free agent. The Cowboys are in trouble. Yes, Dallas has great young receivers with loads of potential. But they haven't cashed in on that potential just yet.

As long as Owens stays until he's about 35 or 36, the Cowboys will be fine. If not, Dallas will have to trade for a No. 1 receiver, or let Crayton, Sam Hurd, and Austin Miles take over.

Defense is what the Cowboys need to focus on. I think that their D is underrated. With the addition of Adam Jones, and Terrence Newman on the other side of the field, Dallas has an unstoppable corner back corps.

The Cowboys' secondary is a little shaky. Roy Williams has proven to be a hard hitter and ankle breaker, but that's about it. Ken Hamlin isn't too great either. Teams will constantly try to go deep on the Cowboys.

What they won't be able to do is get past DeMarcus Ware. He's coming up as one of the best linebackers in the league, and he sometimes plays defensive end in Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense. I expect a Defensive Player of the Year performance.

The linebacker corps is excellent. The Cowboys have DeMarcus Ware, and they've added Zach Thomas. Players like Bobby Carpenter, Greg Ellis, and Bradie James can fill up holes and make key tackles.

The defensive line is great. They picked up Tank Johnson from the Bears, after his suspension. Canty and Ratliff are young, solid, and have plenty of potential.

The '08-'09 season will show what the Cowboys really have in them. Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett have shown that they can run a league-leading offense, and Romo has proven that he can make that offense produce.

It's finally the Cowboys' time to shine. They're hungry for victory. They want to prove themselves to the world. Super Bowl XLIII will be filled with stars.