Would Desmond Wolfe Have Been Better Off in WWE?

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIAugust 1, 2010

While I have yet to attend a TNA house show, I regularly check the results of them hoping to catch some insight on future storylines. 

While nothing really caught my eye in terms of story line development, I did find something rather disturbing. I saw that Jeff Jarrett beat Desmond Wolfe in the house show matches that took place this weekend. 

I know that heels rarely win matches on the house show circuit unless they are champions of a secondary title (notice how Sheamus always loses by DQ to Cena).

But seriously, is Wolfe the only heel they could find to job to Jarrett? Isn't this why Shark Boy is still employed? 

Desmond Wolfe has taken jobs to just about everyone during his tenure in TNA.

He had a great debut feud with Kurt Angle, and that was about it. Wolfe went from being one of the best wrestlers on the indies to doing jobs to a man who gives himself titles. 

TNA was a backup plan for the man once known as Nigel McGuinness. Details on his failed physical for WWE are vague, but there was clearly something that Vinnie Mac didn't like.

I doubt that TNA has a problem with steroids after taking one look at Rob Terry, but I don't want to make any accusations. 

After that great feud with Angle (great is almost redundant when used in the same sentence as Kurt Angle), most of us thought that TNA was the better fit for a guy of Wolfe's capabilities. The treatment of fellow ROHer Bryan Danielson seemed to back that up. 

But how much worse could WWE really be for McGuinness?

I can't think of one wrestler over the age of 40 who has less prestige than Jeff Jarrett who is currently employed by the WWE. Even if he was jobbing he'd be doing it in front of thousands of people. 

Most people would agree that Danielson is a better wrestler than Wolfe. Having seen them wrestle each other live, I'm inclined to agree.

But Wolfe lacks the size issues that plague Danielson. McMahon loves foreign wrestlers of Wolfe's capabilities. Look at Sheamus.

A Vladmir Kozlov-type push wouldn't be wasted on Wolfe since he knows more than three moves. 

I know that it was the WWE that passed on Wolfe, not vice versa. TNA has an extremely valuable asset on their roster. They should give him a push, not job him out to washed up has beens. He could benefit from Fortune, but apparently he's not worthy of that...

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