Rivalries: The Life and Bloodline of Pro Wrestling!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 1, 2010

I have been watching pro wrestling for over 20 years now. I know that would make some automatically question my sanity. After all, how can anyone spend so much time watching a sport that isn’t even a real contest?

There is not a simple answer to this riddle. It is a question I have pondered many times over the years. I guess the only real reason that I can think of is because of the rivalries that I have seen.

Over the years, there have been many great feuds that have made pro wrestling special. As a kid growing up, it was the never-ending battle between Hogan and Randy Savage. Being a fan of heels, this feud would leave me frustrated to no end.

It wasn’t until I was much older, and I understood wrestling a little better, that I was able to truly appreciate the greatness of it. Hogan vs. Savage is just one of many feuds that made wrestling so great.

You had other great feuds like Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. How could you possibly top a feud pitting two of the greatest technical wrestlers together? Over the years, those two put on a wrestling clinic for the ages.

As I got older, I would learn to appreciate the new blood that made its way to the ring. In WCW, there were great rivalries like LOD and the Steiners. That, my friends, was what I consider great tag team wrestling.

We would also get to see future Hall of Famers like the Undertaker break on the scene. He would go on to have some great feuds himself. Over the years he would go on to feuded with guys like Hart, HHH, and Foley, just to name a few.

You see, my friends, feuds are the lifeblood of pro wrestling. It is what keeps the fans intrigued and wanting more. Without feuds like HBK and Bret Hart, who knows where wrestling would be today.

I’m sure there are many who feel the same way I do. Some of the names may be different for you. You also probably hold different matches dear to their hearts. In the end, though, it is all the same.

In wrestling we don’t really follow the wins and losses. After all, do they really count for anything? It is not like football, baseball, or basketball where the best team wins. In wrestling, we follow characters and storylines.

As fans, we pick and choose whom we follow. Whether it’s a whiny, self-righteous arsehole like Jericho, or a bigger-than-life, superman John Cena, we watch these personalities collide in battle and hope that it is our alter egos who come out the victor.

For me, this is what makes wrestling so special. The battle of good and evil is the true lifeblood of this so-called sport. It is a battle that will never see a real winner. In the end it is always the same fight, the only thing different are the faces.

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