UFC 117 Silva Vs. Sonnen: Why Chael Is The Best Match Up For Silva!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 1, 2010

Hatred, disrespect and to prove a point can change everything in a man, a man who once was and still is an incredible force to be reckoned with. Especially when that force is being challenge to a point where there is no return and the challenge is starring at you face to face.

It is crazy how you go from being labeled as the best in MMA history to someone who is just wasting their talents with their actions in the octagon. Some believed he was just bored and was showing that he need no wait demanded better talent! But is that truly the case? Maybe it’s just Anderson “The Spider” Silva’s fighting style. A style we the fans do not like and never want to see ever again.

It seems as he is just playing games that Silva is playing games to some and those games need to be stopped. Fans were screaming at the top of their lungs for a more worthy opponent for the venomous spider…So he can return back to his old ways and put on a show.

What do animals usually do when they feel like they are being threatened or feel they are about to be harmed? They attack and protect themselves. That was the key factor for the “Spider” Silva. Many fans and UFC felt he had to be threatened. Even Dana White stepped in and said he would “CAN” one of their top talents if the games were to continue! But would those threats work? We will find out August 7th but like Silva said, “He (White) can say what he wants he is the boss”. So that means no matter what Silva is going to be Silva and do what he wants.

But what if there was a different element thrown into the mix and was challenging everything about your game…. Even going as far as saying, “He is the champ but I AM THE BEST!” Ouch that is a big statement. Wouldn’t that affect you if you were the champ and you were being challenge like that? It should it should fuel you to the point where you just want to prove a point! To make a statement that your still here and never went anywhere and you are the same fighter.

That is what Silva is probably thinking but we all don’t know as Silva has kept quite. But that’s the scariest part about it we don’t know what Anderson Silva’s mind set is before stepping into the octagon. This without even naming an opponent makes a interesting matchup.

So who do you pick to fill that void and to ultimately go into the octagon TRULY believing they can beat the best? Chael Sonnen!

A lot of people were extremely disappointed but let me tell you Sonnen was the perfect match up… Not only does he believe he can win, makes you think he could win even if you’re going for Silva. They gave Sonnen a golden opportunity and he took it and ran with it. He is not just hyping up this fight he is saying he will walk out with the belt… Yeah tons of people have claimed this but Sonnen is not looking to back down!

This what makes him the best pick at this current time because unlike the past fighters before him who let Silva play the games... Sonnen is making it seem that wont be happening this time around. Yes Sonnen is a politician and we all know what politicians are good at (laughs)... So If he will back up these words or not we will have to wait and see…But if I were you I would not want to miss what can be an epic fight!