"The top 5 reasons Raul won't snatch a Bundesliga title in 2011"

Bill GardnerContributor IJuly 31, 2010

"The top 5 reasons Raul won't snatch a Bundesliga title in 2011"

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    With his move to the Bundesliga, former Real Madrid and Spain super striker Raul is looking to add some new silverware for his already loaded trophy case. But his move to last year's Bundesliga contender Schalke will not bring glory, here's why.

Franc Ribery

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    Reason # 5
    Franc Ribery is still pulling the strings at Bayern Munich. After leading Bayern to the domestic title and Champions League Final, Ribery had a summer of discontent. The midfielder's off-season featured an early exit from the World Cup for the French and an investigation into his birthday present. She turned out to be an underage call girl, big mistake.Now, Ribery is ready to change the headlines and will use his football thinking cap and skills to keep Bayern Munich's rolling along.

Miroslav Klose

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    Reason # 4
    After an amazing run at the World Cup Klose is poised to enjoy his finest season at the club level. Klose has been a world class performer on the international stage for his entire career, but his club form has never quite measured up. Klose is now devoted to bringing the Champions League Trophy to Bayern and in Louis van Gaal's system he will thrive this year. His off-seasn was spent with club mates Schweinsteiger and Muller and this extra time created chemistry which had been absent at times for Bayern last season.

Arjen Robben

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    Reason # 3 Raul can't lift Schalke to the title.

    When Schalke's Raul takes the pitch against Bayern Munich, he will come face to face with Arjen Robben. The pair were teammates at Real Madrid for two years. Robben will get at Raul, testing his ability to defend out wide. Raul as a former striker turned winger/ outside midfielder will be forced to make runs deep into the defense to cover Robben. This will take away for Raul's strength which is attacking. To get to the top Schalke will need points from Bayern Munich, to get those points Raul will need to get the better of Robben.

Mark Van Bommel, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Hamit Altintop

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    Reason # 2
    If Raul manages to spring free of Robben he will face a trio of hardmen, in Mark Van Bommel, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Hamit Altintop.

    While he may get past one of them the other two will bring Raul's hopes and runs to a crashing hault. The Bundesliga matches are far more physical than La Liga's fixtures. The trio led Bayern Munich to last years U.E.F.A. Champions League Final. As many of you saw in the World Cup Final's they are difficult to play against and will not hesitate to take Raul to ground, push him off the ball or hold him up, they will simply do whatever is required to win.

    In the rain, sleet and snows of the Bundesliga men of steel like Van Bommel, Schweinsteiger, and Altintop will stand in between Raul and the title. None shall pass.

The Golden Boot

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    The #1 Reason Raul cannot win the title for Schalke is Thomas Muller.

    Before Schalke can reach the top of the Bundesliga table they and the rest of the teams in the German top flight must find a way to stop the seemingly unstoppable Thomas Muller. Coming off 13 league goals last term Muller, won the Golden Boot as the World Cup's top scorer. He is now an established number one option. Muller has unlimited potential, great size, strength, and pace. His finishing touch may already be the best in the world.

    Combined with the confidence he gained at the World Cup, Muller's desire and talent will keep the trophy in Munich.

    Muller at the age of 20, has been with Bayern Munich for an astonishing 10 seasons. No that's not a misprint Muller has been with Bayern Munich since he was 10 years old and Bayern is his second club.

    After years of dominating all comers at the youth levels, Muller got the call just last year to join the 1st team, and not until midway through was he given consistant time. The results were astonishing, he is a natural born striker and force of nature on the pitch. Everyone who has had the pleasure of watching him glide across the pitch in person will never forget it.

    Muller will make an 80 meter run off the ball just for a chance to smell the goal. And if given the chance or half chance he will finish it.

    Muller has already cracked the top 10 in the latest Castrol Rankings World player ratings, and by the end of this season he will be tops. I expect no less than 30 goals this term from Muller. Sorry Raul but Schalke is destined to remain number 2 in the Bundesliga as long as Thomas Muller puts on a Bayern Munich kit and that should be no less than the next 12 seasons.