Pro Wrestling's Worst Title Runs (Part Two)

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2010

In part one of this series I covered a lot of bad title runs. Sadly these are not the worst ones to ever be seen. In part two we are going to see what I feel are the worst ever.

You may have some that are not on the list. If I didn't include it on here it's not because it wasn't bad. Its because these are the ones that I feel are the worst.

Please feel free to throw in the title runs that you consider awful. That is the fun part about making a list like this. It causes conversation for us fans of the squared circle.

So without any further wait, here is part two of the worst champs in pro wrestling history.


10. Randy Savage (4/19/1998 to 4/20/1998)

In 1998, Hogan was unable to pull the strap from Sting's waist. So next in line was Randy Savage. This caused issues between Savage and Hogan.

At Spring Stampede he faced Sting in a no DQ match. Sting seemed to have control of the situation.

The tables were turned with some help of NWO member Kevin Nash. "Big Sexy" came into the ring and power bombed Sting. This enabled Randy Savage to come back and get the win for the belt.

With Savage as the champ, this sent Hogan on a war path. The very next night on Nitro , he faced Savage for the belt.

Hogan looked like he had the match in the bag. However, Kevin Nash came out and power bombed Hogan. Randy Savage tried to take advantage of the help. It was not meant to be though, as Bret Hart came out and attacked Savage.

With the help of Hart, Hogan regained the belt. This ended Savage's reign after just one day.


9. Mankind (8/22/99 to 8/23/99)

In 1999, at SummerSlam, Mankind faced HHH and Stone Cold. This match was your typical Triple Threat match.

Like in most Triple Threats there were a lot of almost-three counts. In the end, though, it was Mick Foley, who had his hand raised in victory. This was his third and final title run.

Sadly, though, it lasted just one day. Mankind lost the belt the next night on Raw . It was rumored the only reason Foley got the title was because Stone Cold wouldn't job to HHH.

These rumors would never be confirmed by any of the top brass in the company.


8. Kane (6/28/1998 to 6/29/1998)

In 1998, at the King of the Ring, Kane got a shot at Stone Cold's belt. Mr McMahon, at the time, was desperately trying to pry the belt from the "Texas Rattlesnake."

He decided that Kane and Stone Cold's match would be a First Blood match. This was a major advantage for Kane because he wore a mask.

To make matters worse for Stone Cold, at the last moment it became a cage match. These two went on to have a brutal fight that night. The conditions of the match paid off when Stone Cold finally bled.

Kane's first title reign lasted a day. The very next night on Raw , Kane defended, and lost his title to the "Texas Rattlesnake."


7. Bret Hart (2/16/97 to 2/17/97)

In 1997, at an "In your House" pay-per-view, the WWE had a Fatal Fourway decide who the champ would be. Bret had to square off against Stone Cold, Undertaker, and Vader. Undertaker wound up eliminating Vader, and Hart eliminated Stone Cold.

This left Bret Hart and Undertaker in the ring.

Well in true Stone Cold fashion he came back and "opened up a can of whoop ass." This caused the three to go around and duke it out. Taker and Hart eventually made their way back to the ring.

Hart then beat the Undertaker to become a champ for the fourth time. The following night on Raw , Sid defeated Hart, ending Bret's run as champ just after one day.


6. Randy Orton (Oct 7th 2007 to Oct 7th 2007 )

In 2007, Orton would be awarded the title at No Mercy because Cena was unable to compete. He wouldn't have too long to celebrate though.

Orton would be forced to compete against HHH in the opening bout. Orton would go on to lose the belt, giving him one of the shortest runs in the history of the company.

It didn't matter too much because he would wind up regaining the belt in the same night after a Last Man Standing bout with HHH. This would add Orton in the books again by making him a two-time champ in one night.

Needless to say the real loser in all of this mess was the WWE title.


5. Sid Vicious (1/24/2000 to 1/26/2000)

In the new millennium, Kevin Nash was the Commish of WCW. His first order of business was getting a new champ.

Chris Benoit had it, but we know how that worked out. It was decided that if Sid Vicious could beat the Harris brothers, he would face Nash. If Sid beat Nash, he would be crowned the champ.

Sid went on to wreck the Harris Brothers. This was followed up with him beating Nash. He was declared the champ that night. Sid didn't have too much time to celebrate though; just two days later Nash declared that the wrong Harris brother was pinned.

Nash then stripped the title away from Sid Vicious.


4. Andre the Giant (2/5/1988)

This all started when the Million Dollar Man tried to buy the title from Hogan. When Hogan refused, DiBiase went to plan B to get the belt.

The Million Dollar Man hired Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan. They were supposed to get the belt from Hogan, and then give it to DiBiase.

Well, on a rare edition of Main Event, Andre went on to beat Hogan. The match itself was filled with controversy as Hogan clearly wasn't pinned. To make matters worse, there were two Dave Hebners. One was a fake, but Hogan didn't know which one it was. The ruling did stand though and Andre was the champ.

After the match, Andre handed the belt to DiBiase as agreed. This made Andre the Giant's run, at the time, the shortest in history.

The belt was declared vacant after Jack Tunney ruled Andre couldn't give it away.


3. Yokozuna (4/4/1993)

In 1993 at WM9, Yokozuna would face Bret Hart for the WWF title.This wasn't the most pretty match in the world to say the least. Bret Hart outwrestled the big guy most of the match. At one point, Hart exposed one of the turnbuckles.

He rammed Yokozuna's head into it when the big man was stunned. He slapped on the sharp shooter. Mr. Fuji then threw salt in Hart's eyes, which allowed Yokozuna to get the roll up pin.

Yokozuna set a record for the shortest title run. Hogan came out and beat him in roughly three minutes to take the belt.


2. Vince McMahon (9/16/199 to 9/20/1999)

This, by far, was one of the biggest jokes. It is no secret that Vince always wanted to be a wrestler, but his dad wouldn't let him. After SummerSlam, HHH defended his title against the owner of the company, Vince McMahon.

In this match, Vince's son, Shane, was the ref. It only got worse from there. During the match that never should have happened, storyline or not, Stone Cold came out and stunned HHH, allowing the owner of the company to become the champ.

Thank god this only lasted for days as the title was declared vacant. As I stated before though, this never should have happened in the first place.


1. David Arquette (4/26/2000 to 5/7/2000)

In the year 2000 David Arquette made the movie Ready to Rumble. Well as a cross promotion with WCW it put him in an angle. Well it is considered a black eye to not only WCW, but wrestling in general.

On April 26th DDP, the champ at the time, teamed with Arquette. They faced Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett in a tag match.

This wasn't an ordinary tag match, though. The stipulation was whoever got the pin became the champ, in what some say was the worst move in WCW history.

They put the belt on David Arquette. He held the belt for 13 days. To add insult to injury, he even defended against Tank Abbott and won.

He finally dropped the belt to Jeff Jarrett at Slamboree in the triple cage. The damage was done by then, though.



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