Brett Favre Puts the Green Bay Packers In an Ironic Situation

Shawn WithrowCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

I figured it was time to chime in on the Favre-Packer situation, so here it goes.

There are definitely several jokes that can be made out of the recent news that the Green Bay Packers have offered Brett Favre as much as $20 million to not play, but on the serious side, this is making the Packers' leadership look pretty bad.

The strange thing is that the Packers ironically show a lack of confidence in Rodgers by not releasing Favre. "What the...," you might say. What I mean is: If they are so sure Rodgers is their QB, and the future of the Packers, then so be it.

It shouldn't matter to them if Favre plays for the Vikings, Bears, or whomever else because (according to them) they have a better option at QB than Brett Favre. If you follow the Packers' thinking, then that means they shouldn't have any problems against a team that has Favre because they have a better QB.

I think, of course, that they are out of their minds. Favre is a superstar, and Rodgers is an unknown entity. Starting Rodgers is kind of like purchasing a raffle ticket: You just hope for the best. 

The bottom line is that if the Packers don't want him, that is their business, but Brett Favre wants to play, and he has the right to do so. The Packers have to let him back onto their roster or let him go. That is the reality of contractual football.

So, Packers, please release him already. To not do so shows a lack of confidence in your decisions and, ironically, in your new starting quarterback. By the way, you are making a big mistake.