The WWE In My Mind: A Fan-Fiction Storyline

Tim JContributor IJuly 31, 2010

While a lot of what we read here on Bleacher Report is informative and opinionated, I sometimes wonder why nobody has tried to mix things up a bit.  I have a pretty wild imagination, so I decided why not take control of WWE in my mind.  It's better than speculating on storylines, since there's no way this will come to fruit, and I won't be disappointed with the outcome, since I'm the one who is in charge.  I'm trying out something creative here, so hopefully everyone who reads it has some fun, maybe a few laughs and thinks about how they'd like to see some of our favorite wrestlers storylines in WWE and TNA handled.  Again, this in no way has any chance of occurring, but let's have a good time and a healthy debate on how I treat the superstars.  For my debut, I present a storyline about Ted DiBiase and The Payroll, his collection of mercenaries and hitmen.

Since WrestleMania 26, DiBiase was initially assumed to be the member of Legacy who would break out and rise the ranks in the WWE.  Fate, as it were, had different plans.  Instead of rising, Ted's been creeping along in the midcard ranks with meaningless feuds and no real oomph.  I now will send the Wayback Machine forward in time (I know, it sounds weird, but work with me here) and take us into February, 2011.

Ted DiBiase is loving life so far on Raw.  He has his trust fund to keep him soaked in money, Maryse is by his side (albeit with considerably more jewelry) and he has the Million-Dollar Title to keep him company.  With the Nexus falling out, Teddy even decided to enlist a bodyguard in Skip Sheffield to take care of business where needed.
Ted Sr., though, is not nearly so content with his son's situation.  As most wealthy fathers will, Sr. has grown tired of Teddy doing nothing with his life except spend money and lay about while other superstars are advancing their careers.  Teddy is nothing more than a layabout and The Million-Dollar Man has had enough and threatens to cut off the trust fund unless he does something productive. 

So what does Teddy decide to do?  He's going to risk the family jewels by defending the Million-Dollar Title at WrestleMania 27!  Teddy is no dummy though, and he's decided to hold a tournament to decide his opponent.  In order to get the right opponent to face him, he has decided to weigh the bracket and rig his own tournament.  With Skip and Maryse to help in distracting the strongest competitors, he has ensured a field of opponents that he believes he could easily take on.

The final two that remain are Zach Ryder, and a wild-card in Evan Bourne.  The Fortunate Son saw Bourne as an early threat, and Bourne has been no slouch in thwarting Teddy's cohorts at every turn.  In the Round One, Maryse attempted to interfere with Bourne as he was about to hit the Shooting Star Press on Primo Colon, but he still was able to connect and get the victory.  Against Darren Young, Sheffield botched his interference, knocked out the referee mistakenly, and Bourne was able to get dispatch Sheffield long enough to sneak out with a roll-up pin on Young.  In the final match on Raw before the Royal Rumble, DiBiase takes no chances and personally sits ringside to provide commentary with Cole and King and prevent his biggest threat from advancing...

Coming Soon, Part Two - Wrestlemania and Beyond

Feedback on this idea is more than welcome.  Where do you see this storyline heading?  Does it have what it takes to captivate the audience, and if not, what is it lacking?