The Green Bay Packers Are Destined To Lose

Chris XCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The Packers' management and coaching staff are on track to squander any Super Bowl hopes the franchise had in the next two years. Maybe the winter was too long, or this year’s cheese is bad, because the fans are going to let it happen.


With Brett’s filing of his reinstatement papers yesterday, his return to the NFL is imminent. The media has treated the situation as though the Packers are in control of the situation, which is really incorrect.


The Packers won’t face a media, fan, and player mutiny with Brett holding a clipboard, and no other team is going to compensate the Packers and pay Brett Favre $12 million to play in 2008 either. There will be no trade, and Favre will either be a starter for the Packers or a starter for the team in purple.


What is equally interesting is the Packers’ stance on the situation. Aaron Rodgers is an unproven commodity. Mike McCarthy has had great success while turning the franchise around, however, it is much easier to turn a franchise around when you have a Hall of Fame quarterback.


I can understand the front office's frustration, as they wasted draft picks on the quarterback position, as well as the need to build continuity around the team-first concept, but the Packers' run may be over, despite themselves. 


Which brings us to the team-first concept and my main point: Adam Schein reported on Sirius Radio that he agrees with the Packers’ organization in holding fast on the team-first concept. What about the winning concept?


Consider this: Brett Favre was a few plays away from the Super Bowl last year. Aaron Rodgers will not lead the Packers to the Super Bowl this year. With Brett Favre, the Packers have a good chance of finally returning to the Super Bowl right now. 


How can you ignore this fact if you are a player, coach, front-office administrator, or fan? What is even better is that the Packers allegedly offered Brett $20 million to stay retired. That is like saying, "We don’t want to go to the Super Bowl, and we are going to pay $20 million to make sure we don’t go."


Let's get back to the team-first concept.


Last time I checked, the everybody-gets-to-play rule went out the window when I reached high school. And this is the NFL, a business, not a JV league. The NFL is a business-sport first and a team-sport second.


The whole notion that Aaron Rodgers deserves a chance, and the “team concept” being pushed by the Packers' management, is the same philosophy utilized in under-12 girls soccer and it really has no place in the NFL.


The Packers are not my favorite team. I could not imagine my team squandering an opportunity to win or go to the Super Bowl now, just to develop a new quarterback.  What a ridiculous concept. 


If you are Packer fan who does not want Favre to return, you ought to turn in your season tickets or unplug your television set and spend the fall looking for a good deal on a new snow blower. Or you could become a Vikings fan...