The Devolution Of Degeneration X

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 31, 2010

For the thousands sitting in their computer chairs and for the millions reading at home, let's get reeeaaaddy to...bleach it!

Degeneration X is one of the most successful and popular stables in WWE history. This stable at one point redefined the word controversy.

They spoke every filthy cuss word imaginable and they even got a woman to flash on live television.

If any of you have a case of pro-wrestling amnesia here is a reminder of Degeneration X of the 90's:


As we know the first incarnation of Degeneration X was during the time of the Attitude Era where every storyline was either sexualized, controversial, or both.

Degeneration X and the Attitude Era are intertwined to the point where they are inseparable, as each defined the other!

The first incarnation of Degeneration X disbanded in 1999.

It would not be until the *Ruthless Agression Era that degenerates from around the world would see Degeneration X!

It would be in 2006 that Degeneration X reformed. Shawn Micheals and Triple H feuded with the McMahons, Spirit Squad and Rated RKO. The team disbanded a year later due to Triple H suffering a torn right quadriceps at New Year's Revolution.

The second reincarnation of Degeneration X were not as sexualized and controversial like they were in the Attitude Era.

Shawn Michaels is now a born-again Christan and was not comfortable to do a lot of the things he would have done back in the Attitude Era.

Degeneration X in 2006 had to resort to a lesser form of sophomoric crude humor than what was known from them during the Attitude Era. At the time, the WWE was more focused on storylines than shock television as well.

Regardless of the fact that Degeneration X was less sexualized, they were still controversial to an existent and were as funny as they were before.

Degeneration X would announce that Vince McMahon loves cocks. Defaced McMahon's most prized possessions. Dumped excrement on the McMahons and the Spirit Squad! Those are only a few of the sophomoric hijinks that Degeneration X have done during this time.

Here is Degeneration X making Vince McMahon's life miserable:


As I said, Degeneration X were still as funny as before and were somewhat controversial.

In 2009, Triple H would then seek the aid of Shawn Michaels to battle The Legacy. This would be the last time Degeneration X form as the team disbanded shortly before Michaels' retirement.

This incarnation of Degeneration X happened in the much-criticized PG Era, and the PG rating greatly affected the overall feel of Degeneration X.

Degeneration X did nothing controversial and the only serious feud they had was with The Legacy. The next big feud they had after The Legacy was with Hornswoggle.

The reason they feuded with Hornswaggle was because he was dressing up as Degeneration X, which was gimmick infringement.

The Degeneration X feud with Hornswoggle ruined the build up to the Survivor Series triple threat match, as the WWE focused on the DX/Hornswoggle feud and not the Championship match.

I hate to say it, but Degeneration X was barely funny at all. They had their moments, but the humor they presented was catered towards tweens and not the adults and late-teen demographic.

I think only kids below the age of 10 would find the Little People's Court segments funny. I also think that not many people above the age of 15 would find treating Hornswoggle like a pet or child as humorous either.

Here is Hornswoggle infringing on Degeneration X:


In the span of three eras, Degeneration X had devolved into the opposite of what they were in the Attitude era.  They went from being edgy and controversial to doing childish humor!

It hard to think that all that's left of Degeneration X is Hornswoggle, as he is still wearing Degeneration X gear.

The last stage of the Devolution cycle is a leprechaun wearing Degeneration X gear.

If you're not down with that, then I got three words for ya: Deal with it!

The good news if that we can always look back on the fond memories of Degeneration X before they devolved into a pro-wrestling version of the Mickey Mouse Club.

*I know that the Ruthless Aggression Era was 2002 to 2005. 2006-2007 had no era so after some consideration, I grouped it with the Ruthless Aggression Era as it didn't fit the PG Era with started in July 2008.