Gotcha! How Vince Is Using (or Can Use) The IWC Against Itself

Tim JContributor IJuly 31, 2010

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Do you ever get the feeling that whatever we say and opine about here in the IWC is not only falling on deaf ears at Titan Headquarters, but the opposite seems to occur?  That Vince's actions, storylines and pushes are being performed simply out of spite to us in cyberspace?  It very well could be that his actions are those of a very crafty and calculated man who has not only gotten the better of his peers in the wrestling business, but is also attempting to humiliate his foes on the World Wide Web.

It may seem farfetched, but if you think about what's recently occurred on Raw and Smackdown, we could be the biggest rubes on the planet for getting suckered in by McMahon's schemes.

Firstly, with the Viewers' Choice Raw, we were lulled into complacency of a program which many of us blew off as a lame ratings grab which had little to no potential of entertainment value.  Then Nexus came in and we got told.  NOBODY saw this coming.  Since then, the IWC has been demanding a speedier conclusion to the storyline while the WWE has played the slow burn and let the storyline simmer.  Has our speculation quieted though no end seems in sight?  Not a bit.  We continue to get baited in the storyline's potential and wonder how it will turn out in the end.  Cynically, some wait to see if the WWE will botch to an unsatisfying conclusion.  Still watching, aren't you?

Take the Miz.  Vince must read Bleacher Report everyday because half the articles since Money in the Bank seem to concern whether The Miz is the second coming of Y2J or the devil in disguise sent to destroy the WWE.  The fact is, in the IWC, he's a polarizing character who is the subject of much speculation.  His MITB win was out of left field, nobody seemed to give him much of a chance and as though he was reading straight out of this site, Vince went with the most surprising choice.  Has Miz's victory prevented us from watching Raw?  Didn't think so.  Has anyone gone through with their threats and changed the channel or turned off Raw the second he comes on air?  Say yes, and I'll call you a lying SOB.  With heel Miz, we've been treated to a guy who plays his part on the mic so well and generates so much heat through the IWC that it's no wonder he's getting billing as one of the top heels.  I would score this one as a point to McMahon and shame on us for not seeing this happen sooner.

Lastly, I'll get to Kane and his recent push to the main event on the blue brand and what it signifies.  While everybody recognized that Kane was getting the biggest push he may have ever received next to his debut, I can't seem to recall anyone saying he would not only escape MITB with the briefcase, but also use it on the same day.  Sure, we saw him building his character with damn fine promos week in and week out, but nobody thought to claim it would culminate in him winning the World Heavyweight Championship.  The IWC was half right, but still surprised at how this storyline has suddenly swerved.  Not only that, we're still left to wonder on whether or not he's the Undertaker's attacker and if this will end up as Taker v. Kane at SummerSlam, or something even crazier happening and throwing us completely off track.

This leads me to believe that not only do the creative heads at WWE pay attention to the blogs, but make concious efforts to either squelch information or play sleight of hand with the IWC.  It makes no difference anyway.  The fact is, the WWE has needed to find a way to either exploit the IWC, or use it against itself.  The sheer overload of information online means that dummy reports may end up going out, false rumor leaks could be sent to the web and we get back to ground zero on where we were in wrestling's heyday when storylines surprised us and the entertainment was fresh and fun.  Suffice to say, I may be happy to be taken as a rube if things become this exciting for the next coming months.  Of course, I may just be giving McMahon & Co. far too much credit than they deserve and these are all just happy coincidences.