Juan Manuel Marquez Versus Juan Diaz: Why Is This On Pay-Per-View?

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Juan Manuel Marquez Versus Juan Diaz: Why Is This On Pay-Per-View?
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A friend of mine and I were chatting today, and he asked me why the Juan Diaz-Juan Manuel Marquez fight was 49.95. 

I had no answer. I'm not even sure why this one is Pay-Per-View. 

Their last fight was hyped up as a"fight of the year" candidate by HBO, but anyone who saw the fight knows it was a mismatch. Diaz was active in the opening rounds but Marquez was never in danger.

Dinamita simply bid his time, waited until Diaz was fatigued and then knocked him out.

He Knocked him silly. 

It was the same thing Nate Campbell did a year earlier minus the knockout.

Since then, Diaz fought Paulie Maglinaggi twice while Marquez faced off against Floyd Mayweather. 

Diaz got a hometown gift against the light punching Malignaggi in their first fight before losing the rematch in December. Loudmouth Paulie should have actually won both fights against Diaz, but that's boxing. 

Meanwhile, Marquez bravely beefed up to make some money and got thumped by the much bigger and faster Floyd Mayweather, Jr. It was a fight Marquez was never in. 

Having said that, there is no reason to believe this second Marquez-Diaz fight will end any different than the first. Diaz is a nice young man who can't break an egg with his punches. Marquez is a Hall of Famer once again fighting at his proper weight.

They are not in the same class. 

Unless Marquez is shot at the age of 36, Diaz has no chance. But there is just as much evidence that Diaz may be shot as there is that Marquez has lost it. The Baby Bull has taken a lot of shots in his last six fights. 

So save your 49.95. There is no reason to buy this fight. 

Golden Boy should be ashamed to ask people to pay for it.

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