Divas Destroying Foundations Laid By Legends.

Hannah EllicockContributor IJuly 30, 2010

This being my first article, I want to actually start by saying that after the deaths of Chris Benoit and all this family, I actually became very put off by the WWE as a whole and as a result, missed all WWE programming for around two years or more.
After catching WWE Hell in a Cell in 2009 though, I found myself once again being drawn into the story lines and relationships between the superstars, regardless of the lack of blood that many complained about.

However, I found myself see a major lack in ability of the 'Divas' as they are known.
At the time I stopped watching the shows every week, Trish Stratus had just retired from the WWE and Lita was just about to. When I returned
to see a lack of actual talent and just women rolling around the ring, I felt actually disappointed in the fact that people like Trish Stratus,
Lita, Molly Holly, Ivory, Victoria and Chyna had worked so hard to bring women's wrestling back up to scratch, and then to see these new competitors
do nothing but tear down all the foundations that had been laid.

I think naming them as a whole, Divas, isn't doing the women's wrestling division any favours to start off with.
It gives the impression that they are only there to look beautiful and flaunt it. Although, being 'smart, sexy and powerful'
is their tag-line, and yes, they do have to have a high expectation of beauty to actually be on any WWE roster because that's
just how Vince McMahon is, but do they really need to only be showing the 'sexy' part? They very rarely get the opportunity to
show that they are smart and powerful.

Then, when you finally see a bit of potential in a 'diva' something, a decision totally wrong on the part of Vince McMahon,
ruins their opportunities when he decides to give their title away to somebody who doesn't even deserve it, or he does something
that is completely beyond me and always will be, and puts a 'diva' that is ACTUALLY smart, and ACTUALLY powerful, out of the ring
and any major wrestling action, and onto the arm of Ted DiBiase and now just acts every week as the Gold digger of the WWE whereas she actually had talent.

Maryse, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool – all actually good in the ring as far as it goes, they have a good in-ring ability,
and the evilness behind McCool and Maryse is actually pretty damn good, but, have the WWE forgotten about the gem that remains
on Monday Night Raw in Gail Kim? She is possibly the best women's wrestler we're going to see any more and what do they use her for?
Segments backstage? Pillow fights? Tag team action to fill the gaps? Gaps which only last around two minutes on average anyway,
after just rolling around in the ring. SHE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

My solution? Have a complete Diva mix-up. Even hold the Diva Search again, what happened to that?
But this time, don't make it all about if a girl can hold her leg behind her head, don't make it about
completely looks and if they can finish an army assault course in the fastest time. You need to make it about the wrestling.
Their love for the sport, their ability in the ring. Train 'em up straight away. Don't do what they've done with Layla and Eve.
They participated in Diva Searches years ago, and only just seen titles? Which I must add, Layla SHOULD NOT be sharing her title with her fellow,
immature friend, Michelle McCool, it should be hers. She should be defending it regularly, on her own. She has what it takes to be good in the women's
division, if someone would just show her a bit more, and get her off the backside of McCool. I also do not think the Divas Championship belongs with Alicia
Fox, she is too clumsy in the ring, and wins by luck. That doesn't make any sort of champion right? You finally get Eve, showing she can do something,
and it gets taken away. Sort it out!