WWE Summer Madness: Final 4

Ryne AlexanderContributor IIIJuly 30, 2010

Welcome back to WWE Summer Madness where we are now down to our final four wrestlers. You, the readers, have voted and decided who won their respective brackets to go on to the final four. Just for clarification, the winners of the North and South bracket will face each other in this round as will the winners of the East and West bracket. You will vote on these matches to see who makes it to the Championship match which will be posted tomorrow.  With that being said, let's see who you voted to win the brackets to set up the Final four match ups.

North Bracket

The North Bracket was filled with young talent and a few veterans at the start of this tournament. There were possible future world champions such as The Miz and Ted DiBiase Jr. There were two members of the Nexus in David Otunga and Heath Slater. There were high-flyers such as Rey Mysterio and Tyson Kidd and Goliaths like Big Show and Ezekial Jackson.  

However, one man reigned supreme in this bracket.  Many call him the Phenom or the Deadman. This man is none other than The Undertaker. The Undertaker has destroyed every one of his opponents so far. In fact, he has obtained the most votes out of anyone in this tournament. By defeating the Big Show by 26 votes in the Elite Eight, The Undertaker is the winner of the North Bracket.

South Bracket

The Undertaker will go on to face the winner of the South Bracket. The South Bracket had many talented high-flyers. With guys like Evan Bourne, Chavo Guerrero, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, and Zach Ryder facing-off, I knew this would be a fun bracket to vote on. 

However, it did seem like this bracket was going to be overtaken by one man. With a guy like John Cena in the bracket it was hard for me to imagine any of these young guys making it through. I was proven wrong when Kofi Kingston defeated John Cena in the Sweet 16 round. Kofi was officially the dark horse of this tournament and would face Edge in the Elite Eight. Kofi's fairy tale run in the tournament ended when Edge obtained 12 more votes than Kofi in the Elite Eight round.  The rated-R superstar edged his way to the Final Four

First Final Four match: The Undertaker vs. Edge

East Bracket

The East Bracket was certainly the youngest bracket in the tournament. With 4 NXT season two superstars and two members of Nexus, this was the perfect bracket for a few upsets.

However, this bracket was filled with the least amount of upsets in the tournament. All of the young talent was no match for the veterans such as HHH, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, and CM Punk. The only upset in this bracket was Dolph Ziggler defeating Jack Swagger in the second round. 

So, with the veterans reigning supreme, the final match in this bracket would be CM Punk vs. HHH for a spot in the Final four. CM Punk, who dominated every match he was in, went on to get six more votes than HHH to qualify for the Final four. The Straight Edge Savior will go on to face the winner of the West Bracket.

West Bracket

The West Bracket was very top heavy in talent thus causing few upsets.  This bracket had both world champions in Kane and Sheamus as well as two of the top guys in the business in Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. The bottom of the bracket contained guys past their prime such as Goldust and Finaly or jobbers like Santino.

When this bracket boiled down there were some great matches in the Sweet 16. Randy Orton vs. Kane (the World Heavyweight Champion) and Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus (the WWE Champion). However, both title holders fell victim to Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. 

This set up the closest Elite Eight match-up in Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho. The hottest superstar in the world vs. the best superstar in the world. Talent reigned supreme over popularity in this match-up as Chris Jericho just barely beat out Randy Orton for a spot in the Final four.

Second Final 4 match: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Only two matches to vote on this time. Hope to get a good voting response as this will set up the championship match tomorrow! Have fun!