Lay-Cool or The Beautiful People?

Lisa FutureWrestlerContributor IJuly 30, 2010

Recently here on B/R, I’ve been noticing that people are starting to compare TNA’s The Beautiful People, and WWE’s Lay-Cool. This is a cool comparison because both teams are very alike.

They both have the Women’s titles (Layla and Madison Rayne), and have had them for a long time and are heel.

Their gimmicks are very similar: girls who are part of cliques and like to torment other people who may or may not be as beautiful as them.

I am going to talk about each groups strengths and weaknesses, and based on that I will choose who I think is the better group overall.


The Beautiful People

 Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich. Madison Rayne is the TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, and TBP together are the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions.

The Beautiful People started out with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in 2007. Soon after they got a male escort named Cute Kip. In 2009 during Madison Rayne’s debut tag team match with Taylor Wilde, she turned on Taylor giving TBP the win. Soon after they dumped Cute Kip, and added in Madison Rayne. Then at Hard Justice (2009) Madison Rayne accidentally sprayed hairspray in the face of Angelina Love costing her the Knockouts Title Match against ODB. On the next weeks Impact, Rayne was kicked out of TBP.

On September 3, Angelina Love was released from her contract with TNA because of problems with her visa. When Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne were losing a brawl with Sarita and Taylor Wilde, Lacey Von Erich debuted and took out Wilde and Sarita. They all then posed in the ring welcoming Lacey into TBP.

When Angelina Love returned she attacked Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich after their tag team match, telling Velvet that it was a mistake to replace her.

That pretty much brings us to where we are today with TBP (Lacey, Velvet, and Madison) feuding with Angelina Love. There is also tension in TBP between Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne over this new mystery woman (Tara).


The Beautiful People’s weakness is that they keep switching people. People are constantly being added, traded, and dropped. A clique is a bond of people who are only friends with each other and shun everybody else. If TBP are supposed to be a clique then why can’t they stick with the same people? Now that Tara is helping out Madison Rayne and Sarita is heel, does that mean theirs gonna be a whole different set of girls in The Beautiful People?


Their gimmick is completely unique, and they play it very well. They all have little nicknames for each other and have nice chemistry. They also have the look of a clique or team. Currently they have all the female titles in TNA and have complete control over the TNA women’s division.



Lay-Cool started soon after Michelle McCool’s heel turn when she formed an alliance with Layla. Layla is the WWE Women’s Champion, but they both consider themselves “co-Women’s champion.”


Lay-Cool’s main weakness is their lack of originality. The WWE Creative Team admitted that they got the idea for Lay-Cool from watching The Beautiful People. From spraying hairspray, and the way they attack people it’s obvious that they’re copying them. Also, Michelle McCool and Layla come off as repetitive, annoying, and boring. Yes, I know, their heel so were not supposed to like them, but aren’t they supposed to be mildly entertaining? Smelly Kelly? Seriously? That’s the best you can come up with? And Piggie James?


They are really good at making themselves seem like best friends. Their matching jackets, T-Shirts, and tank tops are cute and add that extra something. They look good together as a team and hide each other’s flaws.

Lay-Cool or The Beautiful People?

To me, The Beautiful People are the better group. They look great together as a group and all have different personalities. They are never boring or bland. Lay-Cool should break up in the near future, so that should be interesting to watch.

Now, that’s only my opinion, but I’d love to hear yours. So feel free to comment. :)

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