The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: This Week's TNA Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2010

This week’s Impact was an okay episode. I know that they had to spend some time promoting the new Hardcore justice PPV. So I kind of prepared myself before the show even started.

There were some solid moments and not so solid moments of the show. I will go over aspects of the show in this week’s edition of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The good

Sarita vs. Angelina Love

The match itself could have gone on a little longer, with that said, I think these two put on one heck of bout. I am glad to see someone else at least be involved in the title hunt.

I know Sarita didn’t win, but her performance last night should merit her future matches for the Knockouts belt.

Considering the fact that the ladies division is so watered down, TNA is doing a good job keeping that division relevant.


Ink Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young

The match between these four was not all that great. I am also scratching my head at why they would punish young and Jordan with such a goofy look.

Still, it was nice to see some other tag teams in action. I had started to wonder if Inc, Inc even existed anymore. I doubt we will continue to see the team of Jordan and Young anymore.

I was very happy to see Ink Inc. pick up the win. It is about time that these two really start to get a push for those tag titles.

They would offer a fresh of breath air in what is becoming a stale feud between the MCMG’s and Beer Money.

The tag team division used to be the bread and butter for TNA. It now seems that it is on the back burner. I think a hot team like Ink Inc. can add some life back into the division.

AJ Styles changing the name of the Global Championship

During a promo Styles announced that the Global Title will now become the TV championship. It will be defended each week and it should help get that belt back on track.

This is not a fresh idea by any means, but it still is a formula that should work. Having the title defended week in and week out will not only help the belt, it should also help out the show by having a title defended each week.


The Morgan and Anderson saga continues

I was starting to get really worried with the direction that Matt Morgan was taking. It seems his loss to Anderson last week was only the beginning.

This week Morgan did a solid job by beating down Anderson. This led to a tag match, but I am hoping that this also leads to a long feud between the two.

This type of feud can do wonders in raising Morgan’s stock.


Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss

I have to give credit where credit is due. Last night, Tommy Dreamer gave us his all and delivered a solid performance in his match with Abyss.

I know that this match was a buildup in sorts for the PPV, but it was still a good bout between the two.

Abyss held up his end of the bargain as expected. Truth be told, I didn’t think Dreamer could.

He did, and that was a pleasant surprise. I think that it really shows the heart and pride that this former ECW champ has.

I will never mistake Dreamer as a big name on any card. The fact is even in his prime he was never a big draw.

He must be given credit though for his toughness and fortitude that he has always had in the ring.


Kurt calling out AJ

This was a short but sweet promo by Angle. He gives AJ props for defending the title every week.

He then tells him that’s all and well, but he is next on the hit list. I can’t wait to see these two lock up in the ring. It just reeks of five star match all the way.


The Bad

Flair getting Racial?

Maybe it was me, but I felt that Flair calling Jay Lethal “His Youngest Black Brother” was a bit out of line.

I’m not the most PC guy in the world by any means. I enjoy many types of jokes that most would find offensive.

Racism is one thing I never could tolerate. If you think I am looking a little too much into this, then I am sorry.

I felt that Flair using that term was uncalled for. It added nothing to the promo as far as I was concerned.

I hope TNA reviews this and keeps Flair from using terms like that in the future. It is the year 2010, and there is no room for racism left in wrestling and in life in general.


Kaz Jobbing to Rob Terry

Was it really necessary to have Kazarian job to Terry this week? Last I checked, the former champ gets a rematch anyway.

So why did have Kaz have to job to this lump of muscles this week? Rob winning didn’t really do much for him. He is still boring and will spend his TNA days filling out the mid-card.

I hate to see someone as talented as Kazarian being wasted, and that is what TNA is doing to him now. He is a great performer in the ring and really should be getting better treatment.

I hope that in the future TNA is more careful who they have him job to. He has the potential to be so much more if given the proper chance.


The MCMG’s vs. Beer Money

Before I get a million complaints that this was great match between the two teams, I want to say that you are right. So far these guys have done a really great job when they face each other.

The issue I have is I am sick of seeing these guys wrestle. This is turning out to be the never-ending feud. For those of you that like one or the other, you know I am right.

These two teams are now facing each other in an over-played best of five gimmick match series. You know just as well as I this thing is going to the fifth match. When do you ever see these sorts of things go differently?

So I guess MCMG’s are going to win the next match which will lead to a dramatic final fifth one. It is a played out story line that I have seen way too often.

Abyss and The club from hell

When Abyss made his sick looking board filled with nails, I was stoked. I thought to myself, I would hate to get hit with that thing.

Since its creation, I have yet to see it used once. Chances are it will never be used, because it would kill someone. So why bring it out each week and pretend that it’s some kind of threat?

When Foley made the barbwire stick, it wasn’t used often. But at least it did get used every once in a blue moon.

The weapon that Abyss made is nothing more than a prop. It opened the fans' eyes when they first saw it.

With that said, the fans will close their eyes just as fast unless someone gets whacked with it.


The Ugly


Hardcore Justice

I am so pissed that they are going to waste a PPV on this nonsense. They opened the show with a Team 3D promo that went way too long.

It would only get worse when Hogan came out to throw in his two cents worth. While I am not against hardcore matches; they do have a place in wrestling history.

I think basing a whole PPV around it is a stupid idea. This isn’t the first ECW based PPV. If you remember the WWE did a couple one night stands. I will admit I enjoyed the first one for sentimental reasons, but that it should have stopped.

Now it’s TNA’s turn to rehash these old, broken-down wrestlers. It would be one thing if most of the ECW guys could still put on a good show. The fact is most are out of shape and finished.

Other than a handful of the guys were in ECW, most can't hack it any more, and the ones that can are either signed by WWE or TNA.

So how is this a true ECW reunion? This PPV is just a bad idea on TNA’s part.

I just hope that it doesn’t set back TNA after all the hard work they have put in lately to make a good show each week.

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