2008 Fantasy Football Sleepers and Value Picks Volume 1

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2008

Here’s something to help get your wheels turning in preparation for your fantasy football draft. After devouring every podcast, scanning the mock draft results over on Fantasy Football Calculator’s ADP tool and reading piece after piece of fantasy football information over the past few weeks, I have started to compile a list of players who I - and other people in the know - think will either provide great value in your fantasy football draft or simply come out of nowhere to help out your squad.

So here they are, a few players who are not getting a ton of respect… which is fine when they are falling to you.


Mark Bulger QB (STL) - Last year his line was hammered and then so was he. They Rams lost a few o-line starters for the entire season - including the All-Pro left tackle Orlando Pace - and there was only one man who started 16 games on the line - each at different position.

He has been the 12th QB taken which mean poeple are forgetting that just a year ago - with a healthy line - he was considered top 6. That equals value. You could stock up running backs and receivers when you can get a QB A guy like this later in the draft.

With a healthy line and a suspect defense expect the Rams offense to bounce back and be required to score often.

Jake Delhomme Q (CAR) - If his shoulder holds up - and there is no reason to think it won’t at this point - Jake offers tremendous value being the 14th QB taken on average. His line will be healthy, he has Steve Smith, old reliable Moose and newcomer D.J. Hackett. All of which should be able to help him get into the swing of things.


Thomas Jone RB (NYJ) - An upgraded line and weak schedule versus the run could equal a return to the top ten for Thomas Jones this year. He is getting up there in age but the man has some pride. I don’t think it is a stretch for him to go over 1000 yards and pick up 10+ TD’s this year and getting production like that in the 4th or 5th round is a pretty good deal.

Ernest Graham RB (TB) - Ernest also has a good line, will be the primary runner and yet he is getting no respect. On average, he has been the 22nd running back taken. Even if Warrick Dunn steals a few carries it won’t be in the red zone. And what about the Cadillac? I for one won’t be holding my breath. He shouldn’t be a factor until late in the season if at all.

Ricky Williams RB (MIA) - I see Ronnie Brown getting the love everywhere but last time I checked, he isn’t even on the practice field and has even admitted that “I have a long way to go.” Ricky has been looking great in practice and is on a mission to shake his past. Don’t believe me, read this Miami Herald article. Bottom line, he will come very cheap and you could do alot worse with some of your late round picks.

Wide Receivers

Bobby Engram WR (SEA) - With Deion Branch in serious doubt until late in the season and D.J. Hackett catching balls in Carolina, someone has to get the ball in a very pass happy offense. Why not Mr. Old Reliable? Sure he wants more cash but he’s old school, a gamer and most importantly in camp. You could get him late and have a very solid WR2 or WR3 on your hand hands (maybe even better in PPR leagues).

Chad Jackson WR (NE) - I am not completely sold on this myself but I think that Doug at Football Burrito made a compelling case in our bloggers mock draft.

He said - “In week 12 of the 2007 season the Eagles decided to get physical with Randy Moss bumping him at the line with help over the top. Moss was shut down, and from week 12 through the play-offs other teams copied the Eagles approach. With Moss shut down, Welker got 143 yards receiving against the Eagle and for the rest of the year Moss hardly did anything while Welker flourished. This is not a small sample size either we are talking about 9 games! While one of your friends grabs Randy Moss in the first round, grab Welker in the 4th and remind them every week when Welker outperforms Moss.”

Tight ends

Ben Utecht TE (CIN) - The former Colt is now with the Bengals. The word is that he should be in line to pick up Chris Henry’s work. You and I both know that their offense can get it done and we both know that their defense can’t get it done. Sooo there should be plenty of balls to go around in Cinci right? I’d give you his ADP but I can’t find it. Now hows that for a sleeper.


Baltimore D - Think about it, last year at this time they were considered an elite fantasy defense but then the injury bug hit, their offense barely helped and the slowly faded. Now they are healthy. So once the run on defenses starts, don’t worry. Chances are you’ll be able to snap up the Ravens a little later than usual this year. They have been the 10th defense taken on average in mock drafts according to Fantasy Football Calculator’s ADP tool.

So do you agree or disagree?

Or did I miss anyone? Feel free to offer up your opinion in the comments below.

Oh, and stay tuned. This list is only about half complete right now. I am sure I will come up with more and more as training camps progress.

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