Why Evan Bourne Shouldn't Get Pushed...Yet

Tim JContributor IJuly 30, 2010

Okay bleachers, it's time for my first article, so I thought I'd go for an easy subject and go from there.

Now, it's no secret that a lot of us in the IWC are big fans of Evan Bourne.  His moveset is pretty damn impressive, technically sound, and frankly, he can sell the weakest moves to make them look more devastating than a nuclear bomb blast.  Recently, the hopes of a large push were raised when the WWE's biggest player (Cena, FYI) allegedly gave Vinnie Mac a little whisper in the ear that the kid is in for big things and should get a good hard push.  But, sadly, we need to shelve these hopes and realize that Bourne is nowhere near ready enough to be the recipient of such a push.

When Bourne was placed in the main event tag match on Raw with Cena a while back and not only was on the winning team, but nailed the finisher and got the pin on none other than Edge, many in the IWC took this as a sign that Bourne was going to get a significant push by the company and hit the big time.  Problem is, he's far too green, far too inexperienced, and far from being mic-ready to handle championship defenses necessary for anybody to become a true superstar.

Where does it start?  I know I won't have my dates right, but during the Viewers' Choice episode some seven or eight weeks ago, the "viewers" were given the choice of Kane, Mark Henry and Bourne to face Sheamus.  The decision was pretty overwhelming whether the vote was rigged or influenced and it showed one very clear thing: kid ain't ready yet.  One observation I have about when the wrestlers were introduced was very clear: Kane was threatening and imposing, Henry was there to fill space, and Bourne, well, he gave the peace sign and hammed for the camera.  I almost thought he was about to mouth out "Hi Mom!", but barely remembered who signs his checks in time to stop himself from doing so.  The fact is, that was just one example of how unprepared he is to be a top performer.

What it all boils down to is that Bourne is personality-deficient.  I can't recall him ever speaking on the mic, but if he has, then nothing memorable was said (at least to me).  This is a problem that can be easily solved, but would probably be mismanaged by creative: Get the kid a character.  Not a lame gimmick, but a character he can comfortably get into playing.  He just seems to be occupying roster space for no reason.  Do we know why he wants to be in the WWE?  What are his goals?  How does he plan to attain them?  We know these things about nearly every other wrestler on the roster, but Bourne has been around for some time without us ever getting a clue on who he is.  We fail to connect with him because he gives us no reason to.  Until we have a reason to follow his actions, be it as a heel or face, he'll be a mid-card jobber with one of the most exciting movesets.  Kinda like a white Shelton Benjamin, and we all know what happened to him.