If Silva Clowns Again, Will Dana White Be a Man of His Word?

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 24:  Dana White, president of the UFC, speaks at a press conference for UFC 111 at Radio City Music Hall on March 24, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

After the debacle that was UFC 112, Dana White made his thoughts on Anderson Silva very clear during his appearance on Jim Rome is Burning .  Just in case you missed it, here is what he had to say after the event in Abu Dabi.

After watching that and hearing what Dana had to say, one has to wonder if he will hold true to his word.  If Anderson Silva comes out and puts on a performance against Chael Sonnen like he did against Maia or Cote, will he actually cut "The Spider" from the UFC?


I believe this can be answered in two simple words.

Hell and no.

I, for one, believe that Silva's performance against Maia was disrespectful to Maia, the fans in the audience and those watching on pay-per-view, and the sport.  If you think you're so much better than your opponent, prove it instead of doing the "Cha-Cha Slide." 

I think Demian put it best when he discussed this topic on HDNet's Inside MMA, "Maybe he's bi-polar or something.  I don't know." 

But I digress.

Silva is one of the best—if not the best—fighters in the history of the UFC.  Love or hate the guy, you're going to watch him fight.  

Why?  Because you either want to see him put on another "dazzling" performance or you want to see him get his arse handed to him.  And Dana knows this.

OK, so let's play out both possible scenarios should Silva clown around next Saturday night.

So let's say that Dana cuts Silva.  It would be hard not to believe that Strikeforce would be throwing money at him like they owned the printing press.  Getting their hands on Silva would glue more eyes on their promotion than their signings of Dan Henderson or Fedor.  


When Strikeforce signed them, Henderson was the former Pride middleweight and light heavyweight champion.  Fedor was known among the hardcore fans, but the casual fan really didn't know anything about him.

If they signed Anderson Silva, they would have the reigning UFC Middleweight champion on their roster.  Anyone who follows the sport even a little bit knows how dominant he has been since coming to the States.  It would be the biggest signing in the company's history.

Signing Silva wouldn't put Strikeforce in a position to compete with the UFC, but it would be a huge step in the right direction.

Now to the flip side.  Silva acts like a fool and Dana doesn't cut him.  What happens?

For one, the casual fan more than likely has no clue that Dana said what he said.  Sure, people will be mad and feel like they got cheated out of some money if Silva thinks he's on Dancing With the Stars again.

But guess what?  They'll pay to see him fight again.

I think that Silva would catch what I like to call "Floyd Mayweather Syndrome."  When I buy a Money Mayweather pay-per-view, I don't buy it to see him win. I buy it hoping I get to see him lose.  The same thing could happen to Silva.

The UFC will market whoever Silva's next opponent may be as the one who has the best chance to dethrone him (like they have done multiple times already).  People will buy into the hype and in turn, buy the pay-per-view.

Long story short, it would be a stupid move on the UFC's part—regardless of what happens at 117—to rid themselves of the most dominant champion in the company's history.  

That's just my two-cents.  Could I be right?  Maybe.

Could I be wrong?  Probably.

But it's my two-cents.

Play on Playa.

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