Hulk Hogan Is NOT Dead!

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Hulk Hogan Is NOT Dead!
Paul Kane/Getty Images

Earlier today, a rumour began stating that Hulk Hogan had drowned, but the very person that started the rumour seemed to of forgotten one thing that has been shoved down our throats for 30 years. Hulk Hogan is immortal.

Before going further, I'll clarify, Hulk Hogan is not dead! He is alive and well according to Dixie Carter's Twitter page. 

Although I am someone who is and never has been a Hulkamaniac, I was still somewhat affected by the incorrect rumour that began spreading across the Internet. 

After all, he has been everywhere and done everything in pro-wrestling. He was the face of professional wrestling in the 80s, stayed prominent in the 90s, finally left in the 00s, but has came back in the last nine months to once more spread the Hulkamania germ. 

Regardless of everyone's opinion of Hulk Hogan, he has been here through it all and today could of been a sad day in pro wrestling. But, thankfully, all is ok and as long as Hogan still has a breathe in him the Hulkamania germ will be more deadly than the Spanish Flu.

NOTE: Hulk Hogan is NOT Dead! Just making sure you know!

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