WWE Summerslam 2010: Will John Cena's Team Make It to the Match?

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WWE Summerslam 2010: Will John Cena's Team Make It to the Match?
It was expected to see the Odd Alliance tearing apart sooner or later, but they wasted no time.

Only one week after John Cena presented the members of his coalition, it seems like they won't reach Summerslam together unless a major turnover happens in a near future.

The last episode of Raw started with Cena and Jericho arguing on the mic about who should captain the team. But they quickly had to put their differences aside after the General Manager announced that they would have to team up for a tag team match at the end of the show.

On the same evening, R-Truth tried to balance the odds in the match between John Morrison and Ted DiBiase, supported by Maryse.

However, it turned into the contrary effect and Morrison lost the match. He then blamed his buddy for the loss and they continued their verbal confrontation on the way to the locker room.

Edge also started a campaign to get The Great Khali out of the squad and replace him with DiBiase.

The show ended in a melee between the discording allies, after the main event.

As the match progressed, Y2J delivered a sneaky Code Breaker to his partner and The Miz didn't hesitate to go for the pinfall. Then, Jericho and Cena battled against each other until the rest of the Odd Alliance—except Bret Hart—ran to the ring.

They tried to calm things down, but it quickly degenerated in a free-for-all brawl.

This succession of events has probably put a big smile on The Nexus members' faces. As they mentioned earlier in the evening, they are a solid unit. Each member is ready to put his body on the line for the well-being of the group.

The Odd Unit might not even make it to Summerslam in one piece, and their objective to destroy The Nexus might turn into self-destruction.

Hopefully for them, Bret Hart will bring some cohesion and he might become the real leader. Otherwise, the young guns will take one bite of the veterans and will continue to disturb Raw after the Summer Classic.

Many speculated about John Cena turning his coat at the seven vs. seven encounter to join The Nexus, but this possibility is apparently discarded. He and his allies are simply not on the same page so far.

After all, it was to be expected. How could there be cohesion in such a random association? Cena couldn't just put together two heels, four faces and a legend and expect everyone to get along magically.

We have seen this before. More than one big ego can't co-exist; take The Mega Powers or Evolution for example.

That being said, this is good news.

It means an interesting showdown and probably some surprising twists at Summerslam.

It also means The Nexus won't fall so easily and their story-line will continue.

With what we have seen from them in actual wrestling action, they have finally shown that they have some potential in the "big leagues."

Barrett was impressive in the ring against Mark Henry last week and the stable was dominant in their tag team elimination contest this week.

I am finally starting to see positive things from them since they have moved on from their boring and random seven on one aggressions.

So, what do you all think about the developments we have seen so far?

Do you think The Nexus is finally on the right path?

Do you think that Cena and friends will stick together long enough to become an actual threat to their rivals?

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