SummerSlam: Can Cena and Team Pull Off the Win Over Nexus?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

How did John Cena ever get into the predicament that he is in now? Will he and his team be able to pull things together in time for SummerSlam?

The mystery GM for RAW sent Micheal Cole an email stating that it will be Team Cena vs. Nexus at SS.

There is one problem with that. Team Cena cannot co-exist with one another. During Cena's opening statement, at the beginning of the show last week, Jericho came out to argue his point.

According to Jericho, Team Cena should be his team. He thinks that he's the best one for the job. Cena said fine, take it over.

Chris told John not to patronize him. All Cena is worried about is the business, the fans, and getting rid of Nexus.

Even though John told Chris that he was essential to the team, I think he wants to have all the glory and be in the spotlight.

Chris is a damn good all around wrestler, but to me, there's more to that than meets the eye. If you remember, Jericho was Wade Barrett's pro. Jericho started Nexus.

Even they turned on Jericho. Nexus is Jericho. None of them can be trusted. Has Cena weighed the odds on the pros he wants on his team?

Edge and Jericho have huge egos. They are master manipulators. Every pro on Team Cena wants to fight each other and they are. Maybe it's a put on for Nexus' sake.

Maybe Cena's team wants Nexus to believe that can't co-exist and when it's time, show their real side, the side that's focused and have each other's back.

As it stands now, Nexus is one unit. A well oiled machine. No one has been able to shake or rock their foundation.

Nexus is, at this moment, unstoppable. Last week, they took on seven pros in an elimination match and won. Not one Rookie was eliminated from their team.

They are on target, no room for mistakes. They are going for something bigger. What it is really beyond me.

Cena has to watch his back with a few of his teammates. He and Jericho were ordered to be a tagteam and Jericho turned on Cena with a code breaker. After that the other five members came out fighting with each other.

If Team Cena could take out one member of Nexus, their foundation will shake. They won't be expecting it. Their Empire will start to teeter. Take out more than that and they will lose their focus.

Cena has to oil his unit to get them to work smoothly, together. I think they can win. Cena's team has to show Nexus who's the boss.